Pellicano Trial: Chasing Bad Guys

John J. Nazarian
April 9, 2008

Beverly Hills CopPellicano has not recovered yet from the pain of his one time “son” Wayne Reynolds kicking his feathered ass! He stood in court this morning prior to the jury coming in and stated in open court and to the judge that he wanted the government to fingerprint his Pelican Cases (these are cases for carrying high tech items, guns, cameras, and in this case I guess explosives). He stated that Mr. Reynold’s fingerprints would be “all over” them! Then someone reminded him that was the old case that he went down for! Mr. Pellicano, I agree with you, “sonny boy” has more to hide than a priest in a dormitory full of choir boys. This was very obvious to me when Pellicano crossed him last week.

The other item flying around the room is: will the Pelican testify? And which defense attorney will ask the questions from his list that the judge has asked for him to write up for her review? Could be very cool as Anthony sits in the witness chair and begins to fill the hole he has dug for himself!

Tom Gores showed up this morning and was of similar stature as his brother Alec and appeared a little younger…I wonder if it is not a fantasy to be married to one brother and “do” the other brother as Lisa Gores did? She was very attractive and one must wonder what was on her mind. He sat there on the stand for a few minutes and was sorta humiliated by Chad Hummel, and he cuts the poor rich guy a break…sorta! I am a little tired of the Gores and their life caught on tape. Folks, these very wealthy guys will survive just fine!

Craig Stevens waltzes into the court, and I swear I tell my intern that he looks like a “bread salesman”…I cannot believe it, he sits down and spells is name and when asked what he does, he states, I am a clerk in a grocery store! I bet the bread aisle is very neat and in order! This was Pellicano’s other police “Bitch,” and lost his entire career! Started when he was 18 years old in Sausalito for 2.5 years and was with the Beverly Hills Police for 23.5 years, and now he stocks shelves and hopes that the judge in this case will cut him a break for cooperating! He has already pled guilty to 7 felonies.

Craig tells the court that his daughter and Pellicano’s were friends, and it was in the 90’s when Pellicano asked him to run a DMV report, this was the first request…and look how far the relationship has come! He was given a pager just like Arneson’s and would be paged with all ones, “1111”, which meant that he was to call the office and get his orders! Mr. Stevens sat very still and answered the questions of the federal prosecutors. However, when asked about the money he would scratch and move around and would give what I thought were BS answers. He also testified that he knew that he was not Pellicano’s only source for confidential police information…no shit! This was one of the guys who ran all of the Russo family, even his sons. Bad policeman — NO donut! He is now divorced, and admitted that he was a big drunk and thought that he might die of drinking. How many people did he arrest, and was his judgment impaired? He says that he only made about $10,000 with Pellicano, and I don’t believe that either! Please, he threw his career away for $10,000? Hello, where is the judgment here?

When asked if the LAPD and BHPD had common computer information he stated, “we are all chasing the same bad guys.” Too funny, I was wondering if he ever chased himself around the city?? Yes, he would put on his best pressed police uniform and jump on his police motorcycle and race around and look for himself, you know, one of the “bad guys.”

The former disgraced police of officer of Beverly Hills has what is called an “acceptance of responsibility”and falls on his sword throughout his testimony and in the end he states, “all I have is hope!” You know, that is a very telling comment, as many of the people who have had to put their lives in the middle of this trial also have hope — hope that this will all just go away! Hmmm — perhaps, but people will remember when this happened or this was said, and Terry Christensen’s trial (the only lawyer to go down in all of this, so far) is just around the corner and it too will be very messy. But there is always hope!

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