Mr. Pellicano’s big moment

John J. Nazarian
March 4, 2008

Mr. PellicanoStarting tomorrow, I will be covering the Anthony Pellicano trial at the Federal building in Los Angeles. Jury selection will begin on Wednesday the 5th of March. This is going to be an event! Anthony will be representing himself, and that in itself will be worth the price of admission.

Pellicano and I were the two biggest names when it came to getting the job done in Los Angeles, and I am proud to say that I have been very successful in other places around the world. With that being said, when Anthony Pellicano was at his best, there was no one who could compete…and we all understand why now, don’t we! All that electronic stuff, I was the last one to get a computer in my small group of friends…I get nervous plugging a toaster in and not getting shocked! And it should go without saying that a long background in law enforcement creates a healthy respect for rules and where they bend and where they break.

I still feel bad for this guy, and again, the difference is not believing you’ve got “juice” in high places, as that can be a little tricky. Pellicano was a creature of his own making, as are many of us, and when he fell he took people with him; that is the one thing that I am confused about. All the tricks and the bullying that were attributed to him and the “mafia” stuff were all silly crap! His keeping such great records of his clients and recording the lawyers that hired him is very bizzare — these are the guys who made him who he was, and in the end he pretty much screwed them. Many got by only by the skin of their teeth, and Terry Christensen — a top entertainment attorney — will be a victim of this P.I. to the stars. A title, by the
way, that I hate when used by people in reference to my firm.

The last time I watched Anthony in court, he was acting like he was booking a table at Chasens. However, he wasn’t — he was addressing the judge and was being the Anthony Pelicano that we all know. Not one word have I spoken talking poorly of him, if anything as I have stated I feel bad for him and wonder about his plan. He has spent more time on ice than some bank robbers! If and when he ever gets out and was going to give a class I would attend! He was arrogant from the start, and and seems to know something that no one else knows about, and I am very fascinated…after not speaking for so long, he is going to tell a tale in the days and weeks ahead and he will have my attention 100%.

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