More Musings from the Mosk

August 21, 2009

Yes, that was me roaming around “the Mosk” early the other morning…even a reporter from TMZ asked was I working? I am always working was the only response to a question like that, it always help to keep them wondering.

As I walked down the hallway on the 2nd floor a young man stood and said, you don’t know me,” always a little unsettling under normal settings, but this place is safe. Many of the deputies know who I am, and a few I even consider friends. He said that he had used an attorney that was featured on and he was not real happy as the attorney told him the total fees would be around $60,000 and this young man had already paid him $40,000 and owed him another $100,000…so much for estimates. What makes it even funnier is that this particular lawyer is in the valley (I would not get fitted for any new tailored suits counselor….you got what you are going to get from this guy)! All from DESPERATEEXES.COM and I never even got a thanks from that “valley” lawyer.

Well what a morning, it was like the hit parade of lawyers: Debra Opri, Anne Kiley, Ros Soudry and daughter, Elyse Margolin, Stephen Knowles, Patrick DeCarolis, and Sorrell Trope, this was an impressive group (Mr. Trope excluded, he is in a class all his own!). l I stumbled into Judge Diaz court and Mr. DeCarolis was just hammering some woman who fell into his sights. And for you who don’t know Patrick he can be a little like a Ginsu knife and he was doing what a good divorce lawyer does, just ruining one of the X’s day, again. While I am sitting there and being very entertained da little missus made some funny comments. One in particular: “You can ask all the deputies who come to my house, they will tell you Buddy is just fine” (not the minor’s real name). Now that comment gives me some thought, why are the deputies always at your house? It got worse, neither this little gem nor her new hubby have CDLs aka California Drivers Licenses or any DL from any other state. Does DUI and poof your license is gone ring a bell here? DeCarolis was not letting up, he said just terrible things about her, her mother, sisters, family, the dog — they all got slapped by Mr. DeCarolis…and he did it all for free! Pro Bono…I always got a kick out of Sonny Bono but I don’t know crap about Pro Bono and I am too old to learn new names. De Carolis brought up an interesting thought to the judge and the court, Respect in court is a reflection of behavior outside the court.” That was another one of those priceless cheap shots he took at the former missus, as she has been known to act the fool in court and in front of the judge…not a good strategy ladies.

Somehow I ended up in Dept. 22, home to Louis Meisinger, Judge…I swear if you walk into this guy’s court you will think that he has been sitting there for 20 years. He has not been there even a year, he is new and we will be doing more on him in the next few weeks. He has a talent and a delivery from the bench worth noting, the guy is funny, well I think he is funny as the way he handles little annoyances, that being those who are sitting in front of him…and he has perfect hair!

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