Monday at the Mosk with Klein and Kaplan

August 5, 2009

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“Monday Monday,” that was one of my favorite songs back so long ago I can hardly remember, except that it was sung by one of my good friends who I do not see often enough, Michele Philips. Well once again Octavio and I visit Stanley Mosk Courthouse, yes it is true that I spend a great deal of time there, and it is often Mondays or Fridays. For me to go to other courts, I have given that much thought and find I get plenty from the courts and judges here to keep me going for two lifetimes! And it is the “beat” that I am looking for, the “beat” of cadence that keeps people coming back to the same building seeking the men and women who will have to make senses of their miserable lives. And even more miserable choices that they made and now cannot seem to find answers except to take the time of the system and spend money that so many claim they do not have.

Well as I arrive at the Stanley Mosk it is media circus time again, Michael Jacksons family are getting as much face time as they can. And again, it is all about the money and of course the “accounts,” aka the kids. In time this will all settle down and it will end up just being another story of fame, wealth, doctors, and people who just could not keep it together. I go through security and and take the escalator down, I love the escalator as you can hear lawyers and clients chit chatting away. And I love listening (you learn things) as many have no idea who I am and of course there is the occasional lawyer who sees me and moves out of hearing distance, tough to do on an escalator.

As I walk down the hall I see Mark Kaplan, Esq. and Arnie Klein — you know, the dermatologist….now, is this not a strange pair? From a distance they look a little like Laurel and Hardy, someone tell me I am wrong! Kaplan and whats his name represented Brits former investor aka her ex-husband. The media can bring out the strangest people at times, Klein and Kaplan, the “2 Ks”? Well little did I know that these two were going to make a grab for headlines. And for that matter I was not the only one confused at seeing these two book ends, not exactly a “matched pair” if you know what I mean. They tried for the “grab” and Klein came across again looking like a loon, and Mark, what was he thinking? It was one of the more pathetic moments in the Michael Jackson gets dead series. What is this look on Kleins face, is this Botox at its worst? Every time I see this guy he looks as if he just got hit with a cattle prod, or he sat on something long and hard, it is the look. Can you imagine looking up as a patient and seeing that face? Maybe sedation is the answer? One thing is for sure, Klein does not work on his own face, LMAO, nor does anyone else. Kaplan is a good lawyer and was all geared up in issuing a statement for his “new” client. Now Mark has nice skin and great suits….how did these two hook up? And as for the grab? In my opinion they fell on their faces, Arnie trying to keep his name in the Michael Jackson mess and Mr. Kaplan, not all press is good press. The media has a way of making people look like stars or babbling fools, here I am sorry to say was not Mr. Kaplans greatest moment. However, could it get the two of them on the “King of Softballs,” Larry King? Perhaps, and that is what this is all about folks, “Face Time.”

Another thought comes to mind, for sure, will Arnie Klein be practicing medicine much longer? Did he violate any medical ethics? All Mr. Klein needs to do is to look at past issues concerning doctors and dead celebrities. Oh for sure he is not in the same league as Dr. Conrad “Get My Lawyer” Murray. And in saying this is anyone else just a little curious as to when Attorney General Jerry Brown is going to charge forward? Believe me he is warming up. You are hearing it here first, his investigators are tearing this doctor stuff up and the AG of the Great State of California is coming and just like the next big earthquake all we have to do is wait.

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