John J Nazarian’s You Tubes Videos on Separation, Divorce and is your significant other cheating on you!

Enjoy John’s unique views of getting rid of a spouse, going through divorce and other things related to who’s cheating on who and what do you do!!!

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This series of videos were made as part of a series of videos that John Nazarian did for a pitch in 2012, and to show Johns satirical side with his dash of sarcasm on an array of subjects. Please do not display these videos for any reason other than entertainment.
John would never and has never advised anyone to do anything illegal.

However, John will tell you, it’s his job to spur debate and make others think. He writes his views on numerous subjects on his blog Desperate

Love him or hate him, John J. Nazarian is sought out by stars and millionaires to solve the toughest cases. For more on John J Nazarian:

If any of these videos have offended anyone we apologize. John was not really reading from “The Bible”. Folks use your common sense about meatloaf and spaghetti!

John J Nazarian 2012

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