Judge Sledge’s Hammer comes down on Terry Christensen

November 25, 2008

Justice for Terry ChristensenWell, one shoe fell this morning in Federal Court in Los Angeles: Terry Christensen was sentenced. No surprises here folks, Judge Dale Fischer aka Judge Sledge (as in hammer) started slow and built to a smack down that was no surprise, 3 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. So much for paying those idiots who suggested to the court 10 months house arrest and $30,000 fine! I also noticed it got hotter as she spoke, as if the bowels of hell were opening (and this is just a warm up for the Pelican and his crew..not looking too good Paisano!). This morning’s proceedings had all the feelings of a funeral, those of us in attendance got to witness a mans career being thrown into a pit and dirt being shoveled in on top, and the final shovel would be the sentence given by Judge Fischer. I was not happy as I have been playing the P.I. Game in this town for many years and I as well as many others know the truth….I have said this before, if J. Edgar Hoover had been alive Mr. Christensen would have had a lot of company sitting with him…and the others had been doing what Mr. Christensen has been charged with (2 counts) for years! YEARS, not several weeks, like he did! And I know that it made no difference, steal a roll of dimes from a bank or a bag full of Benjamins it is all a crime, I do get it. Do you get me and my point? Alright, Ok, I have heard the tapes and yes there is obviously material there to come to the conclusion that the jury and many others have come to. However, I do know all the players in High Stakes divorce cases in this town and even Higher Stakes civil litigation. And there are several lawyers in this “play pen” that must have just been taking massive doses of Immodium AD people. Oh sure, much of what Anthony Pellicano recorded is gone or cannot be opened by our government in Quantico, Va. Can you imagine if the Feds had got it right the first time?

Mr. Christensen was there with his wife and his son Christopher, and many more supporters than detractors. The defense knew exactly what was coming and went through the motions. I have heard all the thoughts as to the defense I was there and I don’t think a better defense could have been made. Those GD tapes, that was the burn, and again for what? At the end of the day what did Pellicano make better? Save a few million for a rich old guy? For someone who was and still is worth billions? Saunders and Lally and several of the agents involved were also there. Saunders too was on top of his game, this for the prosecutors is a glorious day and that is what we, as tax payer, pay them as prosecutors to do, prosecute, and that is what these two Federal Prosecutors did, they have no reason to feel guilty. Lally, Suanders, all of the agents did a great job, I just wish that they would have dug a little deeper…what they got was a minnow, all the real big uns got away.

One of the highlights of the morning was when Judge Fischer asked if any of the “victims” wanted to speak. Well, just as there is morning and night to follow here comes none other than Stephen Kolodny. There are some things Kolodny is not going to miss, breakfast, lunch, dinner and the opportunity to make his presence known, I think that he loves the sound of his voice. Stephen was sitting in the front of myself, my 2 sons and one reporter, and as he rose to his feet I noticed that it got a little darker in our section…the light came back as he moved towards the lectern. Mr. Kolodny made a few comments, nothing new just the usual babble of how terrible this was and how bad that is and that and that and this and thank god he sat back down and those of us in the back could see the judge again!

Also present was Mr. Kerkorians security person, a nice guy and he always dresses very well, no surprise there, right. The shaved head, nice suit, nice glasses and a “look.” He and I could have been separated at birth! (Kerkorian and all that is related to his name was a big part of this case). Well, when Stephen got up to address the court, the look that Kerkorians guy gave Stephen was right out of the book of “if looks could kill,” or was it more of a look of “enough already”…I am thinking more like a scowl! That moment was worth being there for. And as I was outside taking notes, I thought I heard Mr. Kolodny make a comment to a group that “Nazarian was taking notes,” you betcha! But it is not the notes, it is what I have stored in my memory, you know, a little here and a tidbit there. No I don’t keep records and would never record one of my lawyers, but I do have a very selective memory and I hope enough class to never kick a guy when he is on his knees! And to some degree that is what we all witnessed in court this morning, Mr. Christensen on his knees and Mr. Kolodneys need to tap the nails one more time on the coffin…for old times’ sake!

The judge even made comments that for all of those waiting to make a buck off the back of Mr. Christensen, they would have what they needed in the guilty verdict. Oh, but do not run to the bank yet to cash those checks, there is an appeal pending…I am not going to predict the outcome, I may have lost my touch for predicting. And not having a formal legal education, can an attorney represent a client and also represent that clients former attorney? Hmmmm sounds a little complicated, but again that is just me wondering out loud! I would also advise anyone preparing for that ‘Big Payday to be ready for Ms. Glaser, this is not a lawyer who will “cut and run.” Those battles would be worth the price of admission…as we used to say in bootcamp, “you better post guards and pack a lunch!”

Note: I was recently in contact with a very very very very very rich woman who did not have both oars in the water, Miss Things elevator was not going to the top floor, Sweetie was two sandwiches short of a picnic and last but not least the lights were on but no one was home! She and I chit-chatted and discussed a few issues concerning her also very very very very very rich, soon to be X. Her sense of entitlement was nothing short of disgusting and I told her that I thought her better off to rethink her silly request. Her initial response: “I will have one of my security men do it”…you go girl (he, if caught could kiss that police retirement good bye)! Needless to say she did what very very very very very rich women do with a fd sense of entitlement. You, see there will always be those who expect the world to dance to their tune and have the money to bribe the bandleader…the rich and the powerful want their pound of flesh, and they always find a way to get it. That’s how this whole merry cast of characters found themselves in this situation. Oh I did so call this one…..and again for what?

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