Jokers and potbellied pigs in the news

May 17, 2010

Willferd Kallhoff and JokerEvery day I read several newspapers and magazines and find stories and articles that make me wonder. Today I found a sad little piece about a man named Wilferd Kallhoff who happens to be 78 years old and his pet. Joker is a potbellied pig that weighs 200 pounds and lives in a town in Arkansas, Mountain Home. Joker spends his days in the back yard in a nice fenced area and at night he sleeps in the garage. Loves kids and eats popcorn — I just had a flashback of Dr. Arnie Klein, Michael Jacksons best friend here in Beverly Heels. Anyway back to the other potbellied pig…well now the Mountain Home Police Chief, Carry Manuel, is hot on the trail. Leave it to a cop to find bacon, good thing the potbellied pig is not named “Jelly Donut”!!!

We at say let the old guy keep his pet. The big bad Poe-lice gave the poor guy five days to find a new home. Kallhoff spoke with an official at City Hall to make sure his pet was allowed before moving to Mountain Home a few weeks ago from the city of Salem. “She said you can’t have hogs,” he said. “It doesn’t say anything about potbellied pigs. She said ‘As long as nobody complains, I guess it will be OK.'”

Well of course someone complained, after all is that not the American way? He has had that potbellied pig for more than 15 years! That is damn near 5 times longer than most marriages in the United States today. Many of my clients were sleeping with potbellied pigs, but they had fat wallets to match their potbellies.

Mountain Home Police Chief Carry Manuel said the law doesn’t differentiate potbellied pigs from hogs or make an exception for pets. “In this part of the country, hog and pig are basically the same thing,” he told Paw Nation. “We have to act accordingly through points of law, and it’s prohibited by city ordinance.” Someone needs to whisper in his ear that he is after all in Arkansas and what harm is there, and doesnt he have bigger problems than chasing after a potbellied pig?

Jokers owner made a great point, Joker does not bark, has never bitten anyone and does not smell much worse than a dog! And I agree, I have had to deal with some real smelly dogs in my career, and some had four legs. City of Mountain Home, give the man a break, leave him and his pet alone, and you might want to review what you are paying your Chief of Police!

PPS: Arnie Klein again on

Klein just counter-Twittered,

“Dearest Elizabeth Michael CHOSE whom he loved; I only SUPPLIED medical care. May God bless you and Michael. Your friend Arnie.”

Yesterday, Liz Twit-attacked Klein by saying, “Dr. Arnie Klein declared on May 2 that he did not betray Michael Jackson by saying publicly that he had a homosexual relationship with someone in Arnie’s office. It seems he supplies not only women (Debbie Rowe), but men too … how convenient.”

WOW, what does Miss Taylor know that no one else does????? Potbellied pigs and Dr. Klein, I think I get it!

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