John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Judy Bogen

October 4, 2008

This week was not a total loss for me, the stocks are in the toilet and what else can go wrong, plenty…all I can tell you is that if you got good stocks it will turn around…in time.

Judy BogenWell back to my point, I got to hang out with none other than Judy Bogen, Divorce Lawyer to the Stars. And she has represented some BIG names when it came to putting out the trash. And when it comes to lawyering skills, over 30 years here folks! We drove to court in one of Nazarian and Associates custom built limousines (note: these cars are designed by me to keep you cooler and in a very fresh and clean environment and NO RECORDERs…these cars are owned and operated by Nazarian and Associates for our closest friends and clients only) and Octavio, my driver for many years served us fresh Starbucks coffee. The conversation along the way was total platinum. What can I say about Judy…she is just wonderful and it is easy to see why she is where she is. For those of you who are not in the divorce business, Judy Bogen is a partner of Hersh, Maniss & Bogen, LLP, 9150 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 209, Beverly Hills, California 90212, 310-786-1910.

If you ever get the opportunity to interview with them for dumping your “trash,” these lawyers have panache and fabulous offices to match. Also the feeling of being safe when your world is collapsing around you, these people will provide you with a shoulder to lean on. Judy and I both graduated high school in 1971 and both like Vernors ginger ale, she is also a fan of the old standards, Sinatra, Lee, Martin and all of the rest. That did it for me! And in talking to her while we sipped our coffee on the way to court she is well traveled and was just a highlight of my week…to say she knows this divorce stuff would be like saying NASA knows how to launch a rocket…she is sharp, smooth, and god help you if you ever underestimate her! And for all that nasty and mean-spirited Alec Baldwin guy….LMAO, maybe, just maybe if he would be nice to Ms. Bogen she might help him remove his head from his ass that she so surgically stuffed there! Judy my darling will always be special to us at Nazarian and Associates and especially on DESPERATEEXES.COM….Judy thanks for a wonderful morning and a great wrap up for the weekend!

Nazarians rating: ****+

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