John’s Rate-a-Judge: Commissioner Harvey A. Silberman

John J. Nazarian
March 4, 2008

Today I spent time in Commissioner Harvey A. Silberman’s court — Dept. #7 (L.A. Superior) — and this guy will raise his voice if he thinks you are not getting it! He has a great delivery, and for us sitting in the audience, there is humor here. None for you, unless your lawyer is doing some good lawyering! His court has no real separation, you know, the “rail” is not there. This court almost looks like a Christian Science reading room.

Like many of the Judges and Commissioners at the Stanley Mosk, he is very pleasant and helpful when he can be; however, don’t make stupid statements as it would appear you will hear them repeated again by him, and it just does not sound the same…coming from an elevated desk with someone wearing black robes, it is NOT a religious experience!

Nazarian’s Rating : ***1/2

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