It all comes down to Sadow v. PowerPoint

October 9, 2010

Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice CenterWell I decided to give the Criminal Courts Building a shot yesterday afternoon after spending the previous night and much of my day in Catalina. Catalina is one of my favorite places in the world, we have two good clients with rather incredible boats and I have the keys and their permission to use them anytime.

I misunderstood a friend who told me that Steve Sadow was warming up just prior to lunch and that if I hurried I could catch some of the “Sadow factor.” Best laid plans of mice and men…upon my arrival I was told by one of my eyes and ears that he had started first in the morning, and that I had missed some incredible lawyering…it was some of the best. Sadow was dressed in a very nice black suit and white shirt, the usual court wear. And he was into his “step by miserable step” of trying to dismantle the “peoples” case. The people’s case was presented in Power Point and I was told it was very powerful and made all their points and was nothing short of impressive. Steve Sadow had Chris Smith as his Audio Visual guy, and would say, “Chris put this one up.” Hey Hey Hey, I am just reporting what I saw. I thought Chris did a good job…LMAO, do you remember who the AV kids were at your school?

Sadow would mention Larry Birkhead several times, there was the methadone taken from a bag, in the closet at a hospital and how Birkhead had testified seeing Howard give Anna her methadone. However, unlike the initial testimony when everyone was telling the truth in the Bahamas, this was almost warm and fuzzy…Sadow now told the jury that Birkhead could not remember for sure…it was a warm moment. I almost cried, but I am pretty dry after this week… Sadow went on to say that Anna Nicole Smith had lost
her faith in Cedars and wanted to get out of there and fast. She would leave Cedars and she would go directly back to Dr. Fabulous, aka Kapoor, he too was doing all things right! I almost felt that at the break the lawyers and defendants would hum a few verses of “we shall overcome.” It almost seemed that Steve Sadow was defending Kapoor, and I guess, why not? Cant make those dam diaries go away, no matter how slow or how fast you talk.

It almost looked like family day, Kapoors mother and father were sitting in the front row, and Mrs. Stern and her other son were sitting close by also. These are good people who did a hell of a job raising their kids, one’s a doctor and the other a lawyer. Eroshevich was smiling and picking lint off her lawyer (the light in the tunnel !!!)

One of the highlights of Mr. Sadows reviewing the facts was, “Anna was leaving Los Angeles to get rid of Larry Birkhead,” his words not mine. We did at speak about the “Bahamian Master Plan.” Mr. Sadow also stated that Anna had gone to South Carolina for three weeks…one must wonder was that to assure that her new house was all taken care of?

It would appear that Steve Sadow was less protective of Dr. Bubbles, aka Dr. Ersohevich, and spoke of her putting the prescriptions in Howards name and he not knowing what Annas buddy was doing. Again this is my thought on what I heard, if I am mistaking I apologize. And that Howard K. Stern had a good faith belief that what the doctors did was legal and appropriate. Howard is a lawyer, he is no doctor, how should he know what is right or wrong, he trusted the doctors..again, I think this is where this was going. (this was also the feeling from the first day of the indictments).

There was some talk of injectible B-12 and something called “Gamma Globulin that had to be mixed together and then injected into muscle, such as in the Gluteous Maximus, now that is a big muscle and seems to grow bigger as we grow older! No one mentioned whether that mixture was just injected once mixed, or did it have to be cooked, prior to being injected…again, I am just wondering here folks?

Well it kicks off again in the morning with Steve Sadow finishing up. The jury seemed very attentive and many were taking notes…this is good, three or four people told me that the “PowerPoint” was very very impressive, so keep talking and enunciating Mr. Sadow. In the course of the afternoon, other very insignificant people were mentioned, you know little people, potential headaches sorta people. Are you ready for this? There was mention of some silly candy for a better sexual experience! Better than a few hundred dollar bills? Hell, I will stick with my massages with happy trails or was it happy ending?

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