Heeeere’s Daddy One Mo’ Time!

February 7, 2009

Alright, I have said it before and I will say it again, he is a “Rock Star,” and along with that comes baggage. I would have to wonder the wisdom in Mr. Nikki Sixx’s behavior that was video taped in San Diego on February 2, 2009.

Now the Nikkster is drinking a bottle of water, and yes it does appear to be just that, water. Unlike those other pictures that have gotten so much attention that some peoples panties are in a bunch and want Judge Lewis to try and force me to “publish” letters on desperateexes.com! Anyone who does not like “my” opinions can go fudge themselves! The funniest thing here folks is what some people are making on this case, and desperateexes.com have discovered other interesting facts separate of Mr. Sixx (could there be a conflict? Hmm, “relationships” here are being looked at a little closely and we are all curious). Again, this has nothing to do with Mr. Sixx and his counsel.

Well back to the bottle…Nikki tosses it into the audience, I suppose that is ok to wet the audience with a partially full plastic bottle with water in it. RockStars! Right? Wrong…someone, a fan tosses it back up to the Nikkster and it goes cruising over his head. Good thing he was not close to a gun or an eject button as he got pissed off. His response was funny at first, I don’t think he could believe that someone would toss the bottle back! Good thing it was plastic. His greeting to the crowd of Hello Motherfuckers got a big response… And as he becomes more annoyed at the “toss,” he lifts his guitar up as if it were a javelin and points to the girl who tossed the bottle back with, Suck my dick, Fuck you SPITS at her and goes on to tell her, “The fact you are a fucking whore” You Bitch (Lisa Meyer can relate to that one), LMAO just another female! Then tells whoever that she is to go, and The Nikkster letting up says, get the fuck out of here as she is led away by security goons. I guess the fan was crying and the Nikkster speaks to the crowd, SHE’S FUCKING CRYING .

I wonder if the “fan” got her money back and also, was this all really needed? God knows I can get pissed off (like when lawyers try to HiJack desperateexes.com). The verbal attack was a good one. And for all of you Nikki supporters, lawyers and associates of lawyers, how would you like to have been that “fan.” And here is a good question for all involved: is this a good place for a JUVENILE family member of any member of this band to be? Would any Bench Officer want his or her daughter to be in that crowd? This is adult behavior and an adult event. Again, the lawyers on the Nikkster side will say yes…that is what they are paid to do, Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Yes Sir and here is your bill Sir……and thank you Sir.

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