Harold and the Magical Bicycle

December 9, 2010

ET...or Harold? After listening to the Beverly Hills Police press conference yesterday, I for one have even more questions as to “what?” We are all to believe that Felonious Harold pedaled his bicycle all the way to Beverly Hills, and while Ronni Chasen was stopped at the light at Sunset and Whittier, in the early morning hours and waiting to make a left turn, Felonious Harold got the drop on Ronni and shot and killed her?

Now here is the part that I find a little confusing, after shooting Ronni at least five times, he then jumps back on his bicycle and pedals as fast as he can from Sunset and Whittier and gets away. Gets away, with police and paramedics responding and AGAIN no one sees anything? He loved his bicycle his neighbors have stated, I bet, it must have been magical!

As many of you know we at DesperateExes.com are and always will be big fans of the people who protect us. But this was the first police press conference that I have seen that seemed about as well orchestrated as when Mark Furhman, former L.A.P.D. “homicide” cop showed up at the O.J.Simpson murder scene and “took control”…pandemonium is the word that comes to my mind. “60 percent done,” what? Nice, let’s wrap this up and bury this bone and get everyone back on track is the impression I got. Hmmm, they cannot seem to get the bicycle back? Call Bratton, he seemed to have all the answers at one time, LMAO. Thank god that the L.A. Coroners office was in charge of the body and all connected to it, no telling what could have happened in relation to getting stuff back on that side of the aisle!

Here is my thought on this case. It was mentioned to me this yesterday morning that a motorcycle could have been used to approach Ronnis car. Ok, a bicycle is close. The dang issue I have is how did Felonious Harold get away so fast with no one noticing a strange character on a bike in Beverly Hills? If it was a robbery, how come nothing was taken? If not a robbery…why would Harold kill her? After listening to that press conference, if I lived in Beverly Hills I would be installing more lights and locks and some good video cameras THAT WORK! And for me, a nice pair of snow shoes, or was that confetti blowing around that press conference.”

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