Gored in the Wallet at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

April 6, 2009

Another Flemings VictimThe economy is in the crapper you say? Well last night I had dinner at Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Winebar in El Segundo and the place was full of victims, oops I mean customers, and I and two guests were there, too. Our waitress started with that bullshit line, “would you like a bottle of flat or sparking water?” This bottled water bullshit has been a cash cow for many restaurants and I find it OFFENSIVE! I looked at her and said that I would like a glass of ice water with lemon…thanks. Well the look on her face was just total disappointment. Then she showed up and was almost yelling, and asking would you like to start out with an appetizer and would we like this and that. Now I know what you are thinking, “that is what a waiter should do,” right? Wrong! She was trying to hustle us into buying more food and drink to get that bill nice and big!

We ordered a salmon dish, not bad but small, $30.95 and only a small piece of fish! My other guest had a ribeye steak only, $39.95 and I had a miserable piece of filet mignon $28.95 (6 ozs) and I am sure they did not give one fraction over that, it was dry and pretty tasteless…oh it had a spoonfull of “Flemings Potatoes” with it…yuk! I am not sure but $7 extra for a friggin’ baked potato? In El Segundo??! Will I get a happy ending with it, too? The onion rings were good, but about a buck a ring, $9.95. Another side was creamed spinach, not bad but not great (Mortons is better). Our waiter, not to outdo herself, came back at one point and asked if we would like for her to put souffle to bake as it would take 30-40 minutes…no I responded…I felt like I was at a strip club with the constant hits to buy a drink, have some cake, perhaps a lap dance…it was insane. I am only mentioning a few of the times but every time I saw her it was an attack on my wallet, a non-stop hustle. I even said to her, you are quite the salesperson, arent you… that is my job. Hmmm how about this, leave us alone, bring the food hot that I ordered and stop hustling. If I had said yes to just half of Yesenias sales pitches I would have had to get a second on the house. This place is terrible from the stand point of value for your dollar…you will get treated better on the Venice Boardwalk…at least there you expect to get taken. Note: I did leave an OK tip as I was frightened that she would follow me home.

The one thing that was very good was the coffee, $2.95 and a cappuccino, $5.95 you have to wonder how many times that More Flemings Victimsmachine has paid for itself? Nazarian is telling all his DesperateExes to avoid this place, that is unless you have a fistfull of dollars and just don’t care about good service and a constant attack on your senses and wallet. Flemings will take whatever money you might have left after your legal fees and investigative fees have been paid. 2 sides and a piece of fish, a small steak and a ribeye: $153.12 and no happy ending. As soon as I got out, that was the happy ending.

Flemings Prime Steakhouse & wine bar, 2301 Rosecrans Ave. El Segundo, California
I am not going to put a phone number here…trust me on this please. If you are ever cruising Rosecrans you will be able to spot this place, it will be the one with the Brinks truck loading all of the victims’ money into it for a ride to Flemings bank account.

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