Europe…Get me outta here!

July 2, 2010

swisscowalpine.JPGHow much do I hate Europe? Let me count the ways, this entire continent is here for one reason and one reason only: to separate you from your money.

The first thing is the “exchange” rate, that will kill you at every turn and those exchanging your dollars into the currency of the day know it and you know you are getting bagged, but what do you do? I can remember when these countries would line up for dollars. That was when these governments lined up to kiss our country’s ass and yours as a tourist. NO MORE! Let me help you understand this attack on your common sense. The dollar is worth .77 Euros but to buy Euros is going to cost you lets say $ 1.20 and when you go to sell them back they will buy back at lets say $1.00 or less. You feeling me here? And the Swiss use francs, Denmark uses Krones and on and on it goes. If you use a credit card the business who takes the card are going to charge you extra and then the credit card companies charge you a fee for using their card in Europe for those services.

Well all I can say is Switzerland is as boring as you all thought, food boring, people attractive and friendly, the cities are boring. Give me Mexico or Latin America, the “spice.” The food in Switzerland is not ever going to be one of my favorites either. And if ever in the airports in Europe it is a total “stick it to the tourists” like it has never been stuck to them before. Mc Ds burger about $12.00, need I say more…I have never been so shocked at the prices. It seems everyone knows the shit is about to hit the fan with the financial collapse and are trying to get and get as much as they can.

The trains in the city and the trams are nice and efficient and clean, for that matter the entire city looks and feels clean. People are friendly and helpful, and very few fat people. They ride their bikes and for the most part do not even lock them when parked. The diet too works for their active lifestyles…I was talking to a driver who originated from Palestine and out of nowhere he states, there is a fat bitch and pointed to someone that could have been my sister…”fat” I wondered, he has not been to Burbank AMC and seen “fatty” mommies with their “fatty” kids and “fatty” daddy in tow. I have never seen this in my travels. Here is the question: these people eat rolls, breads, donuts, pastries what seems like constantly. I had a boxed breakfast on the train that could have choked a maggot…it came out to $6 and change, a roll, a croissant, liverwurst, jam, and orange juice…Hey maybe that is why they are thin, it is the food, who wants this for breakfast…we ate some of it. And the worst tasting coffee in the world.

Not to be outdone, I have been sick most of my time in this dark hole of a continent and I can only think it is the food and/or the water. NEVER got sick in Mexico to this extent.

Well wait till I tell you about taking a piss for 1/2 franc and if you wanted to take a crap it was 2 francs…and the shower lady, 12 bucks!

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