Desperate Exes rates lawyers and judges

John J. Nazarian
November 6, 2007

These evaluations will come from my personal interviews, as well as feedback from you, my readers, and those in the throws of this dog and pony show! I am planning on evaluating the judges in family courts, too. And even the private judges: talk about an interesting experiencethis is a judge who has retired with a fat retirement, who now will demand huge sums of money per hour to hear your case! Now understand the conduit for this special judge is your lawyer and the other sides lawyer! These very same judges for hire that are often personal friends of one or the other or both of the lawyersgetting the picture here? Who do they alienate and how badlygive a little, take a lot, try and be fairbecause if they gut one or the other, bad feelings will be left.

Or is it all just a part of the game: that if you have the money to do this, and you are already paying the lawyers and people like meis it occurring to you when does this all stop? How about when one side or the other is BROKE! This is also called being smoked out. You recall the cowboy and Indian movies when the rancher would be in the cabin and the flaming arrows hit the roof, and the smoke and the flames? Thus being smoked and burned out of the house, and in many cases this is not as far-fetched as it seems! You will be homeless and without much money to continue the siege, and when you look back at this, most of the cast of characters wont be on your holiday card list!

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