Coyote in the Court

October 4, 2009

CoytotesReaders and fans you all know how I often report that as one grows older, the world gets smaller. Well I am down at the Stanley Mosk Tuesday on another matter and I was going to get something at one of the snack bars and ended up on the second floor…when out of nowhere comes Detective Martha DeFoe! Without a question she could have been one of “Charlie’s Angels,” she is one of the best-looking female cops in The City of Angels. Detective Olivia Joya is another one…but you would not want either one of these two on your ass! They are relentless and know the cop business.

Detective DeFoe is assigned to the Los Angeles Police Departments Threat Management Unit, the first unit of its type in the United States (it was set up years ago) that deals with people messing with celebrities and related issues. They are fast and silent as the U.S. Secret Service, and if you want to threaten celebrities in this town get ready to deal with T.M.U. For much of my career I have dealt with this team, and when you bring your celebrity client to them, you can rest assured they will handle it quickly and professionally, and I emphasize the word PROFESSIONAL. Threat Management Unit is headed up by Supervising Detective Jeff Dunn…if you ever have the opportunity to meet Detective Dunn you will understand why he leads this very elite group.

I ask Detective DeFoe what she’s doing in this place…Criminal Courts no surprise, but here at the “Stanley?” She tells me that she is here this morning on a case involving the former husband of Pauley Perrette, and I ask, Coyote Skivvers and she corrects me, and tells me the name is Coyote Shivers.” Yes, now I have his name right, Coyote as in the dog that howls at night and then sneaks into your yard and kills and carries away your little dogs and cats and then eats them in the shadows. Shivers, as in when your dog gets wet and trembles, so there you have it, Coyote Shivers, very interesting name. I have no idea why some would advocate getting rid of coyotes, after all was it is we who have encroached on the land that they roam, and I have to say that the few times I have seen these furry beasts they are in a way mystical and charming….not so much this Coyote, an aging wannabe rock star who preys on women instead of chihuahuas. Part-time DJ, full-time pain in the ass.

Detective DeFoe was present to testify as to the arrest of Coyote in reference to the domestic violence against one Jaime Broyles, case number BQ027571. I asked Ms. Broyles for a comment on the charges and she told me that she did not desire to speak about them. No worries here, I very much understand and that was a good position to take. The hearing was going to be held in 2C, Commissioner Anthony Jones courtroom….but here is the rub, The Coyote was entitled to one continuance and he took it…so till next time.

I overheard Mr. Shivers, when asked if he had any witnesses, say he would call Detective DeFoe to the stand…I guess running onto a busy freeway with your hair on fire would be the second biggest mistake.

Pauley Perrette is still represented by one of the best lawyers in the city, Ronald Litz.

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