Christensen Trial: The Fat Lady Sings an Encore

September 25, 2008

The Fat Lady Returns Well, as they say, “it’s not over ’til the fat lady sings,” “the other shoe has not dropped,” and of course “when pigs fly.” The Christensen defense team has been busy, and getting busy is something they do well. All of you who feel that I am on “his side,” kiss my ass! I have given credit when I feel it was necessary and have taken my shots at everyone, even Ms. Glaser whom I happen to like (don’t know if I would like her if I was on the other side of her “deliverance” though). And again for all of you who don’t, it is more likely than not that at one time or other she or someone like her kicked the ass of the incompetent you had representing you.

Many of you will recall my comments that a group of jurors were out to get Juror #7, and when you read the statements below you will see I WAS RIGHT AGAIN! Read the statements and you make your decision and refer to what I reported August 28 — I was wrong, it was not an alliance it was a setup, we need to get rid of the “commie”…oh no he didnt! Yup he did! LMAO…I had juror #9 and #7 all figured out…and I also noticed a beach umbrella and a cooler at the curb in front of the Federal Building. These guys were in a hurry — RIGHT AGAIN see my comments on August 30th…get me out of here. I knew that it was just a matter of time when “Boris” (juror #7) was going to be tracked down and interviewed…LMAO. Guess what, “Boris” has spoken to the Christensen team and we have his statement for all of you to review.

And look what he has to say! Hey, I thought he was the most credible of the “crew” that came out of the jury room. And I will say it, that foreperson came across as a bit of a moron and also his girlfriend. The group of jurors who plotted against “Boris” acted more like participants in a roller derby than jurors, and I think that it may all come back to…”get that man a new trial!” Oh pleeeze, I would like another jury, as I will go for a mistrial in lieu of a “not guilty”…Hmm. I am hedging my bet…and I hope that the “Sicilian meatball” is not sitting right in front of Mr. Christensen…can you imagine what that had to be like, the ultimate wannabe Goombah and he is parked right in front of you…that alone should have been grounds for a mistrial! Whenever the jury wanted to look at Terry Christensen, yup, they had to look at Pellicano first.

I am telling you, you could not make this up. Read the statement of “Boris,” juror #7 — not his real name, but I like the name Boris…it brings back memories of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Juror #7 statement

Additional Juror statement

Prosecution’s questions for Juror 7

Prosecution’s case citations for dismissing Juror #7, pt 1

Prosecution’s case citations for dismissing Juror #7, pt 2

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