Christensen Trial: the ball’s in the jury’s hands now

August 28, 2008

Naked Gun DefenseWeds. AM: Well, the expression is that payback is a bitch and Mr. Saunders, the federal prosecutor, was paying back. The system is rigged so that after the defense does their closing statement the prosecution get the last word…need I say more. When you think of it this really stinks, Mr. Saunders gets to pick you apart after you pitch a great game! Saunders opens up at 8:04 AM and starts with Leslie Nielsens Naked Gun and the story line that on the third strike someone is to be assassinated. So Nielsen is the umpire and throws dozens of balls in the air and causes the assassination to not happen. Balls in the air…that brings to mind so many other things to me, but Mr. Saunder’s point was that Ms. Glasers presentation was nothing more than legal shenanigans. “Don’t feel right, toss another ball in the air.” I disagree, she brought some great stuff up and so did he. Saunders and Lallys concern is did the defense sell the reasonable doubt idea to this group of 12? I feel that the defense did that and more. (Please god, don’t make me have to do an Oooops piece.)

It was brought up that Kolodny may have done two sweeps, LMAO. Poor guy, how do you get screwed twice by some over zealous P.I. or “sweep expert”…people, you would be just as well served by using Madame Esmeralda down at the corner gypsy parlor! And at least she might even hold your hand as she rips you off! Saunders stated that it never “occurred to sweep the phone company.” Oh, that would work.

Mr. Saunders makes the comparison of a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone (was that not a song, Bad,Bad Leroy Brown) and even with a couple of pieces gone you can still make out the picture. Now we are talking about Pellicano here. He is already a convicted felon and about to be smacked with dozens more, so I would not assume that was “my” puzzle.

Poor Lisa K was mentioned again as a potential “defense,” it would be called the “horrible person defense.” Say what you will about Lisa, no one deserved what she went through. Nor should anyone have to. I think that she was ill advised from the beginning and manipulated into doing things that she thought were prudent and legal, and I am sure she would not do many of these things again if given the chance, my opinion only.

Mr. Saunders tells the jury that he believes that they (the jury) have centuries of common sense….Hmmm now who is telling stories? Dan that is a little like telling the mother of an ugly baby that the little demon is cute! All I am going to say further some of these jurors are not the brightest candles on the cake….my opinion only.

First sidebar 9:42 AM, Mr. Saunders makes the comment out of the blue, Maybe he is not such a great P.I. after all, loads of smiles and even a toothy grin from the feathered one. Anthony will always be considered one of the best P.I.s, but his methods caused a great deal of pain when it was not necessary…and what I learned from covering this trial for weeks on end was one hell of an education. I still feel that his arrogance was his undoing. His ability was second to none when it came to phone stuff…. Do you realize that much of what he encrypted, the United States Government cannot open…Osama, just keep resting. Can you imagine one of the most powerful countries in the world and its law enforcement agencies cannot bust the Pelicans encryption system.

This is the real multi-million dollar question: where are the other recordings? And will they ever surface? I say yes, I just don’t know when.

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