Christensen Trial: Closing Arguments

August 27, 2008

Daniel SaundersKevin LallyLaurel and Hardy stayed in bed this morning and were not in Dale Fischers court, not today. Let there never be any question that Saunders and Lally are federal prosecutors. Having enjoyed Saunders and Lally gut and dress the Pelican gang, I know when Daniel Saunders hits a cadence. And he had a cadence this morning that was strong and impressive, every time he opened his mouth the defense had to moan ouch! The place was packed with what I would have to feel were Terry Christensen supporters. There was a smattering of those with agendas for the potential lawsuits, these are the lawyers who have a vested interest in Mr. Christensen being found guilty and the next sound for them and there “injured” clients would be Ka-ching. But I would not be making any big purchases on that verdict coming in other than what I have predicted.

Lisa Bonder Kerkorian was the whipping girl this morning, to listen to the defense she was everything that is wrong with America today, and maybe even the world. I am not going to repeat much of what was said, out of respect. Hearing Ms. Glaser make the comments was a little comical, and at times brought smiles and snickers from the audience. Lisa Bonder Kerkorian has become the Rodney Dangerfield of women who get involved with wealthy just sounds so bad.

We now also hear of Anthonys “Adventures,” Oh you betcha, I will say his adventures of self-destruction. An “Adventure,” I am led to believe, was when he would go to a location outside of his office and pick up the recordings from whatever apartment that he had the “machine working,” rented in the area code that the target number was in to be tapped, and would return to his office with the taps. That is now being called an “adventure.” Funny that the defense never asked me, as it was Tarita Virtue (aka Hotcakes) who testified that she thought it odd that “Anthony never left the office,” as she thought most private investigators have to go out and dig stuff up, you know — grab peoples trashHotcakes, he did not have tohe had the best information money could buy! That is me you see roaming around Malibu as I will be tonightLOL, and by the time this is read it will be too late and I will be washing my hands.

It was discussed how the Pelican gave out bad informationone poor guy was labeled a “fag,” Frank was talking about this love of MiguelSo Anthony in his most “I am so smart” presented this information to show that Frank was a “fag.” The Pelican had to have swallowed some feathers when he found out Miguel was his dogand perhaps he was a “fag”. So what, I know a few “fags” that would so pluck the Pelican, hmmm I actually know several that have badges and guns. Fag…what a nasty little comment for Mr. Pellicano to make…might wanna be careful with comments like that, I have watched those prison movies!

We got to hear Pelicano do his “I am a Sicilian” and the worst insult of all, “I am a soldier.” Shit, with Terrys background that alone should have made him dump this bird! A soldier my ass! Hey, let’s pretend you are a Japanese soldier, someone quick get the bird a sharp knife and a kimono and can we say “Sayonara.”

Ms. Glaser made herself very clear that she and the defense were not running from the jury, and that was very evident. She looked great, sharply dressed for the part, and she was hitting the target each time she took aim. She talked about Lisa K, she was a no show…another great one she likes money — she missed one, she also likes rich men! And why not?! I can remember when I worked the street beat and hookers always told me that it was just as easy to boink a rich one as a poor one! These guys are all rich, real rich and only one loser, Bada Bing — but rich!

Glaser mentions “missing in action” and the hits keep right on coming. She continued as to why the government did not have Ms. Kerkorian testify(I have no doubt if called she would, and have with bells on). The government could have called her and allowed her to roam the halls of the Federal Building like someone else we know, Mrs Cookies.

Mr. Kolodny, it is mentioned, had the “B” box swept and the house swept…I hoped that we are talking about house cleaning. I have some bad news becasue whoever he hired [another Fn P.I.] he should get his money back. You got bamboozled, Mr. Kolodnynow hear thisthe “sweeping” for the most part is bullshit magic that many private investigators try to sell to gullible potential victimsit is a great dog and pony show but total bullshit. Stephen give me a call some time and stop being mad at meI am just a little smarter than the P.I. you use currently, LMAO!

Patty GlaserPatty used some tough legal terms: bupkis, up the wazoo, big hurdles — she was in rare form this morning. She was slowing down towards the end of her roll. And even at that she kept Mr. Saunders on the edge of his seat, and I think that she made Judge Fischer raise her voice at least three times in under four hoursI have not seen this judge raise her voice more. Glaser kept batting away and got her points across, Saunders would blast from his seat with an objection and the judge would get cross-eyed and Glaser would back off only to take another shot…each time she was allowed to present what she was going to anyway! She is good, she would slip stuff in that maybe should not been allowed and got it ina few times Saunders looked like he had been hit with a cattle prod.

Pellicano is heard telling Mr. Christensen, Ok partner. Hey, whenever I hear “Buddy” or Partner,” I am checking my butt cheeks as anyone who does this crap is getting ready to “do you.” Please remember that! He used that so much I thought this “Sicilian Cheese Ball” was going to be riding a horse. Terry, you had to be sleepy not to have realized what he was doing. You had to have heard violin music, you were getting played.

Ms. Glaser toward the end presented the “Empty Chairs”…she wanted the jury to realize that there were empty chairs that should have been filled with government witnesses and the list is as follows, #1 Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, #2 Agent Ornelas (ret), #3 Stephen Bing, #4 Employees (Pellicano’s, during the time that Christensen was getting worked over by the bird), #5 Ms. Wiggans supervisors, #6 Seth Bonder, #7 Household employees of LBK, #8 oops I forgot..

Well, we were all waiting and Anthony Pellicano is asked if he wants to address the jury. He stood up, straightened his little prison uniform and said that the jury had heard a great deal and would make a reasonable decisionI thought that was impressive. More impressive would have been to just tell the jury that Christensen knew nothing of what was going on and at least help the guy out a little bit. That this was all his idea and throw a life ring…who knows, that may have made things worse!

For the few who asked, I am sticking with my prediction of a week ago, Not Guilty. As I said, Saunders and Lally did a great job especially in the closing argument. But I have read the jury and I think that Glaser did it, Reasonable Doubt..Patty, would you hit the switch on your way out!

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