Child Abduction? OnStar doesn’t care!

July 22, 2008

Child abduction is bad enough, but on top of that nightmare you will have to deal with a system that will make you want to pull your hair right out of your head. What do women do when they give their children to their ex-husbands, who happen to be brothers, and they don’t come back? They have taken your children and split, hit the road, Adios!

You can do as these two women did, go to your attorney who handled the original divorce and hope he has some answers, and hope that he does not bring in some nitwit P.I. who is in over his head. The lawyer on this case is a very talented guy with a very good team in place and is moving in the right direction and is on target.

You realize that you have a private investigator that is giving you a great dog and pony show but you need more. So you come to me, John J. Nazarian, and I do get the fires going and we meet with a couple of members of the L.A.P.D. as this is a real abduction case and we need the cops and in a hurry! In comes Detective Blanca Lopez, a breath of fresh air as she gets what is happening. This cop is moving fast in an attempt to figure out were the three boys are.

And then you think you have a break, a way to find them: OnStar. But OnStar is a break with more bullshit attached then a rodeo with mad cow disease. Instead of the assistance they promote endlessly in their ads, you get a nitwit sitting with last week’s underwear crammed up his ass saying “We will have our legal department look at it.” This is what we have to deal with, Bozo the OnStar flunky! OnStar SUCKS…plain and simple! Det. Lopez, a seasoned police detective was pleading with them and even sent an abducted child report to them, and they did NOTHING!

We have an unusual situation in this case as the two brothers are doctors in Syria and have been spending time in Los Angeles running a scam on the Armenian Community. Some of the victims are on to them, and the brothers are feeling the heat and have taken the children that they share custody of and are on the run. In the course of bilking members of the Armenian Community, they had one of their victims lease brand new cars for them, and even took loads of cash!

Myself and Dr. Sarkis Mesrobian get the owner of the cars on the line and I tell him through his son that he has been scammed and will never see the cars that have been leased and he needs to tell the police. Also he tells me that if I find the cars I can take possesion of them….find the cars and we find the kids, maybe or maybe is a good idea and we all have hope! Det. Lopez gets on the line with On Star and they want to speak to the owner of the vehicles…..right, that is fair so they also tell us that they want to use their Armenian speaking person instead of ours! Now keep in mind we are in the police station with a real police detective on a real police telephone and with several people who speak Armenian, but none of this is good enough for these representatives of “Lost Star,” knowing that we are trying to get the children back and they are not helping at all…they keep us waiting all day and as of the writing of this story we still have not been contacted by anyone with this organization…they know what Detective Lopez needs as she has faxed them all of what they ask for and still here we sit! Now if I am wrong please someone from “Falling Star” call me and correct me!

The poor owner of the cars in Sacramento, all OnStar tells him is that they will “make the horn blow”…the only problem is that is just ducky if you are in the same parking lot with the damn car…not if it is hundreds of miles away! What the hell is wrong with this picture? OnStar will not activate the system and even tell the owner of the car where his car is!!!!!! Not until a vehicle theft report is taken……well he tries to make a report because he like hundreds of others have been victims of these two shitheads from Syria but guess what…the cops tell him it is a civil case, LMAO. Oh but let some poor kid make a beer run…there will be dozens of cops all trying to figure out how to send this kid away for 100 years! Here we have two conmen have taken three kids and millions of dollars.

People, when you are sharing custody of your kids with your ex and he or she takes the kids and runs…you are pretty much screwed! These custody agreements may just as well be written on toilet paper, at least they would serve a purpose. These agreements are just like restraining orders, a restraining order only works if those involved choose to follow the rules and obey the law! When they don’t the police are going to drag their feet most of the time in hopes of not having to write a report. They want to wait. The cops’ attitude is understandable as they hear this stuff all of the time …. sometimes the parties involved in custody issues are jerks too: if the “ex” is a few hours late bringing the kids home, they want to call in an airstrike on the poor bastard who is running a little late! Little Johnny or little Maggy are a few hours late and one or the other is going to make a BIG DEAL just to cause the ex a little misery. We all know what one side or the other is doing.

In this case this is a true abduction and these kids have been gone for weeks…and the conmen brothers may even be trying to leave the country with them!

Now we have to go to court still and show the judge what we have and the evidence that this is as real as it gets. Luckily we have two very well seasoned judges at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, Judge Fredrick Shaller and Judge Gretchen Taylor, so it is not all bad news for us. We have L.A.P.D. Detective Lopez and two very sharp members of the Family Law court….this is good! But OnStar would at least give us a little jump on them…..nooooo! Why you ask! simple! OnStar SUCKS!

Well, screw OnStar. My message to the two of these lowlifes is this: sleep with one eye open, as I am coming for you, this is a promise!

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