Celebrity baby pimping

February 3, 2010

Star babyBaby Pimpin’… who would have ever thought this would be something that we would be talking about? But in this day and age, no real surprise here folks, family values are hard to find in our own homes, and to have access to a “celebrity” infant is a real money maker. To the parents of these children it is a fast track to big dollars. Almost like putting the kid on a spinning wheel and seeing were it stops and how much that photo spot will pay.

Old Hollywood was all about glamour, great estates and wonderful cars. Today, you have these flash-in-the-pan losers grabbing the new born ASAP and getting to the “paps.” The days when moguls and stars would keep their children under wraps to prevent them from being exploited in the media seem a thing of the past, even as being potential targets of kidnappers, stalkers and even terrorists has gotten worse.

What makes these losers think that they are doing good for the welfare of the infant or the small child, keeping them in the media to make money from the gossip magazines? How easy would it be for an unstable person to try and hurt the child as it is being tucked under one’s arm in the search of someone to take a picture. We have all seen it, “Oh I am going shopping on Robertson Blvd,” knowing that there will be photogs waiting, or the little mommy or daddy time at the park, too bad you called and told the photogs you would be there. Phonies all of them! John Lennons family understands this real well, world leaders understand the risk. Not in Hollywood, it is still very much, “quick get the kid, I have bills to pay.” We have witnessed this too many times to deny it.

Hollywood Gossip reported that Kourtney Kardashian dragged her newborn to Ryan Seacrests KIIS-FM radio show, Baby Pimping. “How cute is baby Mason?!” Seacrest asked, happily playing the role of enabler to one of the stars of a series he produces. “Is baby ready to feed? He’s looking for your breast.” Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian accompanied their exploitative sister to the show, as Kourtney wrote on her blog: “I take Mason everywhere with me. We had to stop in and surprise Ryan!” The Kardashians, where did they come from? Paris Hilton had a name at least…”The Kardashians”?

Hollywood Gossip also took a slap at Birkhead, Note to Larry Birkhead: the baby pimping bar has been raised to a new level. Will you meet it? To do so, Anna Nicole Smith’s baby daddy will need to bring his young child on to a radio show and then act as if he’s doing it just to see a pal. It is my opinion that this “Baby Pimping” is going to continue as these wanna-be-famous types will use whatever they can to promote themselves and to to make a buck, after all it is the American way. The problem is that soon there is always someone more interesting and fascinating to the press and to those who read this trash. I am old enough to remember the Kennedys, Sinatra, Onassis and others who made it a point to keep their children out of the limelight…then again, they did not have to stand on their childrens backs to make a buck, those were the days of true Hollywood Glamour and Class.

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