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Gascón has left the building

Tweet Hundreds of Murder Victims’ Families Are Abandoned by Gascón at Parole Hearings By Kathleen Cady On November 2, Michel and Ellen Shane attended the first parole hearing of the man who intentionally and deliberately murdered their precious 13-year-old daughter,

Kyle Rittenhouse

Tweet I have been watching and listening to the Kyle Rittenhouse case for the last few weeks and watched the televised event the night it happened. Tell you what, Kyle did the world a favor in ridding our world of

So Drops the Other Shoe

Tweet Appellate Court Affirms $50,000 in Sanctions Against Attorney for Disclosure of Confidential Child Custody Evaluation February 5th, 2019, IRMO ANKA (Citation Pending) 2d Civil No. B281760   Our office, at one point, had the displeasure of being involved in

On the next episode of

Tweet A few weeks ago, I wrote of the fact that Lisa Helfend Meyer had been sued by a disgruntled individual who thought that he would be reimbursed for the money he had put up for a client of M.O.L.M.

Congrats Ben and Roxanne

Tweet WOW is all I can say about the new law offices of Ben Valencia and Roxanne Taghavi! Talk about plush but soooo comfortable, this is it. Damn big-screen TVs everywhere. We love the location. Imagine driving into a nice parking

Congrats Ben, Happy Birthday Lisa

Tweet Benjamin Valencia II, Esquire, has decided to exit the firm that he was a “Partner” in words only. Actually, funny game some law firms play. That is a story for another day. Benjamin Valencia II, Esquire, is taking a

The China Virus

Tweet “Political Correctness” will be on the death certificate of America if Americans do not wake up. If you think that for one second that China did not attack America with the Covid virus, then you should get government support