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I never embalmed a terrorist Is it Time to Have a Muslin Cemetery Here?

Tweet As an apprentice embalmer I embalmed police officers killed in the line of duty, several gangsters, and several celebrities and one or two industrialists. I never embalmed a terrorist. Would I, sure, what choice would I have had, I

Marc S. Nurik, Esq From Florida and New York arrives in Los Angeles!!!!

Tweet Who should make an appearance in So. California legal defense scene, Marc S. Nurik, Esq. Marc has been a figure in high profile defense cases for well over 30 years. Marc tells me he still is going to handle

John J Nazarian Celebrity PI Confers on Case with Grandson John Nazarian II !!!!

Tweet Over the weekend Celebrity PI John J Nazarian brought in grandson John Nazarian II to confer on a case. Here are John Nazarian II thoughts during the meeting: After some fresh juice and going through the paperwork again, John

Judge Teresa Beaudet still holding onto Kelly Rutherford Case POST Family Court Assignment

Tweet Judge Teresa Beaudet still holding onto Kelly Rutherford[/caption]Judge Teresa Beaudet still holding onto Kelly Rutherford[/caption]The misery and terror to some degree for a few still lives on in Department 2B, how do you ask is this possible? Judge Beaudet

2B or not 2B – Changes Coming to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in L. A.

Tweet I am going to put a fire extinguisher by the phone, phone lines were smoking and it is hot with ‘rumors’, and rumor control has crashed. The dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel a few weeks ago was interesting,