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Dinner at Polo Lounge

Tweet One of my favorite places to dine when I am in town is the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. For me the place is easy, it is close and always has a feel of peace and quiet.

Madeo’s Ristorante and Susan Wiesner

Tweet Tuesday Night at Madeo’s Ristorante and the place was packed! My dear friend Susan E. Wiesner invited me to have dinner with her at one of her favorite places, Madeo. Getting a reservation at this place is not easy,


Tweet John J Nazarian is returning to the airwaves! His first show will be on Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 7 PM PDT. This show will be an interview by Rose Turner asking John questions she has after working with

The Palace of Perjury” welcome to the Stanley Mosk!

Tweet I never thought that I would say this but I am slowly gaining a little respect for ‘visitation monitors’. Everyone knows my feelings about many of these nit wits in the game of ‘monitoring’, that is no secret. In

Back at the Stanley Mosk in L. A.

Tweet After taking a 6 week break from the land of nonsense, DIVORCE COURT, I made the trip back to the Stanley Mosk. Today it would appear that it was a slow news day, dozens of news trucks covering the

Lawyers and Prostitutes

Tweet This is a conversation that I have had with many lawyers as to why do we / I do what we do for work. Most of the time I realize that I have a very short shelf life and

I never embalmed a terrorist Is it Time to Have a Muslin Cemetery Here?

Tweet As an apprentice embalmer I embalmed police officers killed in the line of duty, several gangsters, and several celebrities and one or two industrialists. I never embalmed a terrorist. Would I, sure, what choice would I have had, I