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The Goose that doesn’t lay golden eggs

Tweet ZIP, NOTHINGNESS, BLANK, ZERO, NAUGHT, VOID, NADA, NOUGHT, NULLITY, SCRATCH, NIHILITY, EXTINCTION, NONEXISTENCE, NIX and, of course, DIDDLEY SQUAT! These are all words that are becoming “banners” for the law offices of Meyer Olson Lowy & Meyers as of

Better call Judy

Tweet I am a little embarrassed to have not written of someone on who is knocking the world of DIVORCE out of the park!  (LOL between Lisa Helfend Meyer and Stacy D Phillips, it could be an entirely new blog

Netflix and memory lane

Tweet Let me say this and be clear. I love watching television. I like watching in my bedroom, my office, my car, or while camping. I have incredible systems set up at my homes and in my motorhome. Surround sound,

UPDATED: My acquaintance, Thanatos

Tweet Death has always been a step away from my life. The first “dead” person I saw was a woman who fell to her death while trying to clean a window. She had seated herself on the sill of a

Trash can buffet

Tweet Holiday Inn Express & Suites 27513 Wayne Mills Pl, Valencia, CA 91355 Hotel Employee: “Christian” Front Office Manager: Marge Manimtim 661-284-2101 Note: This hotel had opened in April 2021…. guess they need to cut corners! A few weeks ago

Et tu, Sammie

Tweet Oh no, tell me it ain’t so. Lisa Helfend Meyer got sued by Ya-Ya Holdings! Sure did; check out BC 695400 Dept. 52 with the Honorable Judge Armen Tamzarian presiding. Ya-Ya??   A whole bunch of people involved: Kenneth

The Wonderful World of Divorce

Tweet The Wonderful World of Divorce and those who reap the incredible rewards are quite a bunch.  Over the years, we have often heard of female-owned and run DIVORCE firms and how “understanding” and “compassionate” such a group could be.