Bruce Jeffrey Pardo: the Really, Really Bad Santa

December 29, 2008

Bruce Jeffrey PardoTerror, Horror, Vengeful, Hate, Devious…these words are not strong enough to describe the act of Bruce Jeffrey Pardo. This was a short term marriage and it is reported that Bruce was not exactly a “stand up guy.” The story on how he handled his son who was injured in a pool accident does not describe to me a man with backbone. On Christmas Eve he displayed behavior that would make one wonder why? why the little girl who just happened to answer the door? (he did find his mother in law, father in law and former wife as well as other members of her family, 9 killed in all). How do you get over something like this? For many who survived he also killed all their future Christmases, every Christmas Eve for the rest of their lives how can they forget?

Divorce is not designed to be easy, and certainly I am curious as to how Sylvias lawyer must be feeling. There could just as easily have been a flaming law office as well as a flaming family residence. Nazarian and Assoicates has been called out several times this year alone to secure and handle unhappy exs who were threatening lawyers, and they were all males. I have a method to deal with this issue and it is all nice and legal. The lawyer is often looked upon as the bad guy, and why not? You married each other, and now it is going to be up to some poor lawyer to figure out how he or she is going to get you out of this mess, aka known as your wedding day. Well, Sylvia Pardos lawyer should be making big donations to his synagogue or church or whoever he prays to.

This is the second such story that I have discussed this year on DESPERATEEXES.COM, Pamela Fayed was just a few months ago and now this. These are tough times for all kinds of people and none of us can ever know how close to the edge someone might be. Even in serving a subpoena, I have always tried to be a gentleman and not a jerk. Why, you ask? it was the same when I was a cop: don’t kick the bastard when he is down! Give him a break. If the individual getting the papers wants to be clown, well that too is fine. It will never be myself or anyone who works for me to make someone feel worse than they already do in the process of serving papers. Also I don’t want to get my ass kicked in serving someone papers either, so I try to be smart.

How the loss of the dog may have affected Mr. Pardo will never be known. How many times have I heard people say to me, John, I want the dog. (It is reported that in Pardos case his beloved dog Saki was taken from him. Why?) The dog does not even like my client, but one side or the other knows how the loss of that animal will devastate and sting the other. 99.9% of the time divorce is about hurting one party or the other and I often wonder why? The lawyers and the judge involved in this case could never have guessed that a slaughter was coming based on their good work.

Funny how timing is everything, I was asked recently by a former client, John, do you think Jason likes paying me $ 70,000 a month? If it was me, I told her I would be hoping you would choke on a big chunk of ham. And I would also be careful as to my water skiing in isolated places, damn boating accidents are terrible and tough to investigate.

Just a foot note as to how people think: My step mother was one of the nastiest, meanest-spirited people that ever lived on this planet. She and her mother made my life a living hell for several years as a youngster. So what does she do 40 years later, she out-lives my father and gives my fathers house to one of my furball scum relatives. Well that scumbag almost choked the other day, on what you ask, a chunk of ham, during Christmas dinner, at his mother’s house! This for me would have been just perfect. I hope he eats ham every holiday! Unfortunately they got the scumbag to a hospital…damn, I would have had a bladder full of urine for that wake! My point in bringing this up is hate, the emotion, is there in all of us, and how each of us deal with it is what I guess makes us human. And just as the hate that I have for the “scumbag,” I can only feel that the hate and feelings of loss was thousands of times worse for Bruce Jeffrey Pardo. Something in this process that we call divorce unleashed that hate and he killed those that he felt that had done him wrong, as well as those who just happened to be around them. We all have to keep in mind as we handle divorce cases that there are human consequences, and those consequences can be very deadly.

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