Big Moe’s tales cut off

August 9, 2010

Big Moe BrighthauptOne must wonder, when it comes to criminal defense, about the art of “neutering”…from what I understand the other day’s testimony given by Big Moe was nothing less than boring. He could have given that testimony over the phone via AT&T or face to face or Skype. I was not there, but I was for the prelim. If given the chance he had some great stories. I got a big kick out of Big Moe, he was entertaining and at times powerful in his testimony. However we all know that was then and this is now.

Ever notice that when Sadow smiles he looks like the shark on the tuna cans? And Ms. Garafalo, seldom does she show any teeth but when she does smile it is pleasant…a little like Boris Karloff asking “would you like some tea?” The other guy, I know nothing about except that at one time he repd Phil Spector…..isnt he doing life? Sure there is Kapoor’s “dig me” journals…that had to have cost him $75,000 to discuss and deal with. And Eroshevichs photos that were circulating around the world at one time.
And then we have Howard, all of these people I am sure they wish they never heard of “celebrity” and all that it brings, lights, action, fancy hotels, leemos, and body guards and other potential witnesses to be used against you at some time in the future. Then the big “Flash,” and the goose that lays all the golden eggs is found to be dead.

Steve Sadow has the knowledge and the verbal skills to surgically remove one’s testicles, or at least perform a rough circumcision with a hatchet. Now I don’t know if Moe had a meeting with Jesus or what, but lets give him credit that he saw the light. Now I have used that expression in the past as to seeing the light and I too saw it and as time went by for me that light got brighter. Sadow through good lawyering and incredible ability has “trimmed” the story line that the prosecution was hoping for, and here we have Big Moe, laid out and filetd and he just arrived.

It was written that Da Moester was “nice or easy” on Dr. Eroshevich…well, Big Moe has a soft spot, and it is nice to see a memory also. As the back story to that relationship could “sizzle”…It was also brought to my attention that when I wrote that Dr. Eroshevich “made no money” in her relationship with ANS that I was wrong. I have asked that source to present me with any proof that the good Doctor made any money from any source and I would print it. To my knowledge Doctor Eroshevich spent her own money to try and be a faithful friend to someone I do believe she cared for. Her reasons for caring I believe are two fold, she loved the Hollywood angle and she also was a doctor and had knowledge on how she could help Ms. Smith. And in saying that, if the Academy gave out Oscars for stupidity and not being able to see the smoke before the flames torched your own career, Dr. Eroshevich would have a room full of Oscars.

For all of you coming to testify against the Three Stooges crew…all I have to say is beware. Beware of Steve Sadow, this is one lawyer that I think can do some serious “neutering.”. The other part of this three ring circus has not even arrived yet (witnesses), wait, we have the “crew” and it will be almost like an 8 course dinner, pretty soon you are sick of eating. For this I think that we will get sick of hearing the babble, there will be some truth allowed. Much of the truth will remain in the investigators’ notes and reports, never to see the light of day. And the reason is great legal defense, Sadow and Garafalo, again look at these two as surgeons, ouch! If you came to court in hopes of getting “revenge” and “speaking your minds?” against the three stooges forget about it, not happening, you are done, it is not going to happen. Pay your lawyers and move on to your former careers if you had any to begin with. Look at the coverage, this story is dead, dead as ANS. The next big day will be the verdict, I promise that I will be back soon to get all this first hand.

For some of you I have to wonder why put yourselves through this? Surely, Rene Rose is not going to go away quietly and she is a very seasoned prosecutor and she will make the points she has to, but with Steve Sadow sitting just feet away, Ms. Rose all I can say is get used to hearing that dam southern accent and the words, “I object” !!!!!

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