Beware of honeymoons “down under”

September 19, 2009

Gabe & Tina Watson, happy and tragic portraitsHere is the scene: the “Honeymoon,” scuba diving in and around the Great Barrier Reef, Australia…ah this is the life! Or the lack there of. David Gabriel Watson pled guilty to manslaughter in the death of his wife of eleven days, Christina…she “drowned” and it seemed strange that he did nothing to help her. It would seem that he left her motionless on the bottom of the ocean floor. Oh for sure he could have inflated her vest or perhaps taken the weights off of her diving belt so she could float to the surface……Not! Then she might survive and tell what he did or did not do, either way wait till the end of the story…….

Australia is the place, folks, to take your problems to, sure it gets better. DIVORCE COURT wearing on your nerves? “honey, let’s go look at those pretty little fishies deep down under the Great Barrier Reef,” to hell with that 730 evaluation. The coroner ruled that it was very likely that he killed his bride of 11 days by shutting off her air supply. And MURDER would have been a LIFE SENTENCE! Whoa dere, you just wait a minute, LIFE for murder and 14 months for manslaughter on 4.5 year sentence. Guess what “fish boy” pled to? Could this be? For sure, and it gets even better. The family of the bride, Christina Mae Watson, were so outraged that they complained to the Attorney General, Cameron Dick, and he took action, you bethcha, action is what he took, six more months have just been added to his sentence. Well the Chief Justice stated in his opinion that Watson had contributed to his wifes death, criminally derelict circumstances, yes he did indeed.

No don’t stop here my dear friends, David Gabe Watson, Da Groom, was a trained and experienced diver in rescuing PANICKED divers (that is of course unless it is his wife). Well is that not interesting, it would appear to this investigator that he may have also done a little research in what country to visit and what was the chances of getting rid of your brand new bride. He would not have pulled this off in their home state of Alabama in some deep lake, he might have thought about Marina Del Rey as that is L.A. County and with the jury pool we have no telling what a verdict would be, but why not cover all the bets and go “down under.”

I have said this many times before, David is lucky that was not my daughter or someone I loved and cared for as he too could have an accident. Sure, you know, standing at a urinal with his brains in his hands and he suffers a stroke. Sure, a baseball bat to the head could bring on a stroke, couldnt it???? And I recall someone telling me that as long as you had a glove and a ball, it may not be premeditated.


The motive? It was thought to be his “wifes” little insurance policy…..I hope that company gives me a call to look at this.. …let’s look and see what research he did prior to picking that place to “Honeymoon.” He won’t have any “Honeydoos” anytime soon…oh, wait, he’s already REMARRIED!!…..and you think L.A. is odd!

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