Bell was ringing $$$$$ for Police Chief

September 24, 2010

Bell Police Chief Randy AdamsFormer Bell Police Chief Randy Adams had himself declared disabled, what did he do? Even as he was hired for the post, that being the Top Cop of the little town of Bell, CA, under the control of some of the most corrupt officials in the United States! At this point someone might want to check his ability to make good decisions.

Randy Adams, at one time the chief of police of Glendale, pulled a fast one here also, except it is being reported that “Da Chief” was going to go for less of a “Payola” scam and was asking for a “non-disability” when he was leaving Glendale…but “stop the presses,” he rescinded that request and went to work for the City of Bell! OH NO HE DIDN’T! Yup he did, Da Chief went to Bell and told them that he had neck and back injuries…he was found to be unfit and was hired anyway!!! Yea, for Chief Randy! I bet he had a nice comfy seat in his car, too, for those long drives to the bank.

Boy, has police worked changed or what people, how about all the veterans coming home who want a job as a cop and have some small medical issues, find Mr. Randy and see if he can give you some advice…go apply to The City of Bell, the chief was disabled and why would the City of Bell not hire an American hero coming back from war? This could be a new career for Mr. Randy…sure he could give lectures to disabled Americans on how to get jobs with the police department, and make the disability known, and then hired and collect later in retirement…Yea, Randy! You go! You go getter!

Of course Da Chief Randy Adams has a lawyer now who states in the L.A. Times, Mr. Adams wanted to make sure that the city was well aware of his physical capabilities…He made all of that clear upfront. He didnt want the city to come back and say we didnt know you had a bad back. My thought: would that not have been Glendales problem? Oh, but this was a huge pay check and would also bump him into the higher PERS pension plan too…oh I get it chief, I get it…so does the district attorney and the attorney general of the state of california…this looks like FRUAD to me, it was a set up from the get go. The question I have is when does “MR.” Randy Adams do the perp walk, and who will slap those famous Smith and Wesson silver bracelets on? Recommendation: CHICKIES BAIL BONDS…tell them I suggested them to you.

This wizard of medical disability was earning $475,000 a year! And that would have given him about $411,0000 a year in retirement!!! WTF???? And more than $205,000 would be tax free! CALPERS is stating that it will not pay him that…good I say! My uncle always told me, “pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered”…Mr. Adams, can you say, sooooieeeeee? The State Attorney General has accused Adams and others of being a part of a scheme to loot Bells treasury. It is reported that Adams was hired even with the Bell Kingpin…er, City Manager “Ratzo” Rizzo knowing he could not perform the duties required. But I am only assuming that the strings attached to the office of the COP were nice to play with.

Robert RizzoThis guy also had collected money for disability from Simi Valley, Ventura in the area of $45,000…what?????? This guy was a money machine with a badge! Oh this story gets even better, “MR Adams also had two contracts with Rizzo, aka City of Bell: one was for Police Chief and another as special police counsel to Rizzo…shit if that had been me I would have wanted to know what the knee pads were for? Hell, special police counsel…when did any Chief of Police ever do things like this? The Chiefs I know keep the city manager at arms length…and did Mr. Randy wonder why when he talked to Rizzo his chin was at desk level when he sat down? Hmmmmm? Rizzo told this dipshit with “stars and a badge” that he wanted to have him as special police counsel for some bullshit regional law enforcement counsel…yeah right, more like to provide protection for the mayor in case of a raid.

Whats disappointing is that Randy aka “Mr” Adams didnt recognize this situation and that it was going to cast him and us in a bad light…He lost his values along the way No, it is this writer’s humble opinion that “Mr” Adams had to have known or had some idea that none of this was normal. One of my personal friends has been looking for and applying for a Chief of Police job and he is a war hero and high ranking officer with a large city…hearing what some of these head hunter jerk-offs put him through to try and get the lousy interview…how could “Mr” Adams not have known this was not normal and the pay and the “my neck hurts and my back,” and all I have to say is, I get it “Mr” Adams, “someone had to do it” and why not you?

It was also brought to our attention that not too many officers cared for him at Bell, and I understand that he was even less than loved in Glendale. Boy, what a career! We will be following up with the revenue tactics the City of Bell police department participated in to generate money for the city coffers, I have to stop as I am laughing so hard and I do have a bad back and I pay for it myself…

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