Bel-Air Bar and Grill

May 14, 2009

Bel Air Bar & GrillAfter a rather hectic day of bullshit, I ended with a great dinner at the Bel-Air Bar & Grill with my good friend, Michael Trope, of the legal firm of Trope & DeCarolis. Over the years, I and I am sure hundreds of you have driven right by the place. Michael has been eating here since he was a child when his dad, Sorrell Trope (Trope & Trope) would bring him here for steaks!

Michael and I started with a nicely chilled wedge of lettuce, he had Thousand Island and my wedge had chunks of blue cheese with thick sliced tomatoes. My main course was a bouillabaisse with lobster and it was just incredible, loads of lobster and shrimp and on and on….I was unable to eat it all. Michael had a grilled salmon with some great vegetables cooked to perfection, nice not soggy. The service was the best and even the valet was polite and allowed me to park right at the front door. The menu here is full of great salads and a huge selection of chops and steaks and the service and the dining room was just perfect. Do yourselves a favor and check out this place…no disappointments! 662 N. Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90049 310-440-5544 it is right at Moraga.

Funny, after a day of having to deal with morons and being pretty tired this was a great escape. Michael and I were discussing our days and swapping funny expressions, one of his was “it is amazing how some people can turn fertilizer back into shit” and another one for thought is, “if you took certain people and put them in a room and attempted to harvest their common sense….you would leave empty handed.” Folks, how often can all of us relate to this? And after the day I had, I would swear that he had been following me around and listening to my phone calls.

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