Another PI goes down as the lawyers keep on rolling

October 8, 2009

Almost 19 years ago, I can remember vividly as if it were just yesterday, I was a new ticket-carrying private investigator (ticket was what the old timers called their license). I was working the panel for San Francisco Superior Court and worked for around $27 an hour. You would work with a court appointed attorney and then try and build a defense for your client, the arrestee.

Eric Safire, Esq. was one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the state. Back in the day I would meet Eric at the trunk of his Mercedes and he would brief me on what he needed. Today Mr. Safire works out of the “Safire Building” in one of the city’s toniest neighborhoods. Back to the story, Eric took me aside and said, “Look, you get into trouble, I can get you off and it is no big deal.” But, Mr. Safire further explained to me, if he got into trouble, he could loose his right to practice law — his “ticket” aka a “bar card.” Along with surrounding myself with good people, I always remembered that very sound advice…and have treaded cautiously. Most of the people I work with are off-duty and retired police officers — that helps, right “Bobby” and “Bill”?

In todays Los Angeles Times a headline caught my eye, “Private investigator pleads no contest.” Well, Mr. Bradley G. Miller, the former private investigator was the the guy pleading “no contest.” I was curious as I had always associated Mr. Miller as being one of Mark Geragoss guys and upon further research I found that Geragos was representing Alex Izquierdo,a rich guy who had Miller try to bribe the alleged victim in his rape case…god you have to love the “rich guys.” And this was Geragoss case. The AP is reporting Geragos has long worked with Miller, including during Geragos’ unsuccessful defense of the little shop lifter Winona Ryder…what she had to pay for the defense she could have given up shoplifting and paid for things.

TMZ fave Mark GeragosNazarian and Associates is very proud to say that we have never ever associated with Gagagosh and for myself, I would sooner eat lunch with Harvey Levin than to work with anyone in Gagagoshs office. Funny, TMZ was reporting that one of Gagagosh’s P.I.s (“big name” in this town, it was reported) is working on Nicole Richie’s car wreck case…I found him on the Superior Court Panel in L.A. same as I did 19 years ago….but BIG NAME? I Googled him and my name came up! But if he is working with the “Gag” he is not getting paid much, that I can assure you.

How Geragos attracts the clients he does I will never understand, being in a town with Adam Braun, Harland Braun, Thomas Mesereau and Barry Tarlow. These names are royalty in the world of defense. Is it the face time he gets on “Geraldo” or on TMZ? and how TMZ handles Gagagosh makes one wonder what is that relationship about…..funny stuff….

Michael Jackson and Thomas MesereauGagagosh also represented Michael Jackson before Michael smelled the coffee burning and went to a real defense attorney, one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Southern California, Thomas Mesereau. It is reported that Mr. Mesereau has had to file a $341,000 claim against Mr. Jacksons estate for his fees. What? Michael Jackson “stiffed” someone? Am I surprised? LMAO…Mr. Mesereau should have called me for the 411 on that. Many years ago I was contacted to handle a “de-bugging” at the Neverland Ranch, all was going very well till I asked for money to be placed into an escrow account and to have my good friend Robert M. Cohen handle all the legal ends of the transaction. I got silence first and then the “that will be fine, we will be in contact in a few days” line (that is like verbal air kisses in this town). It has been years and I gave up waiting for the phone to ring. Who cares, I wanted to get paid and I knew from sources very close to MJ that if you did not get it up front from the “King of Pop” you would have to fight for it.

Boy this is a tough time for Private Investigators…not so much for lawyers however. Pellicano, Bamm! Just one lawyer down and out! Miller, Bamm! Everyone else goes home and has dinner, you got to love this town. You know it is like thin ice, you see some fat guy waddling across and all is good, you take two steps and you go through the ice and you find yourself up to your knees…go figure.

Note: Geragos is not accused of involvement in the alleged conspiracy or payoff that his private investigator was involved with and plead to.

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