Air Canacrap

July 6, 2010

Air CanacrapFlying commercially in today’s world has to be one of the most frustrating experiences that any traveler can encounter. Upon my arrival at LAX I was wondering had I done everything right so as not to have to throw my stuff away in the trash. I remember the early days of not being allowed to board with more than your teeth, and all the rest was thrown in the trash. The TSA in Los Angeles seemed better trained, more professional than in times past, they were on top of what they were to do and polite. Sure you still have to take the shoes off, all due to one idiot who tried to set his sneakers on fire.

I flew first class on Swiss Air, it is owned and controlled by Lufthansa the check in was easy and the first class club accommodations were very nice, good food and drink and lots of snacks. They come in and tell you that your flight is boarding and that too is nice. First Class had only six seats and they are big and the seats go flat, but — ahh John and the buts — the whole First Class section was not attractive. It was very plain and looked industrial. Certainly not what we see in commercials and certainly not what we see from Cathay Pacific or Emirates. These electrically controlled seats are like slipping into an abyss as it goes into flat mode. I slept great thanks to my two doses of ambien. The service was great and the food pretty good too, but very plain. Upon my arrival in Zurich I got to deal with an immigration agent that had to have taken his persona from a disgruntled SS guard in the old Stalag 17 movie. I just smiled and got through, after all I am in Europe!

Meanwhile, my son and his two friends flew coach from LAX to Toronto on Air Canada for United. And then were supposed to switch planes to Swiss Air non-stop to Zurich. Well the flight from LAX was late, and then when they got to Toronto they were put into a landing pattern for about 30 minutes. And when they landed their connecting flight had left. So what do these jerks at Air Canada working with United Airlines do? They offer them a gym mat with several others to lie on the floor and wait overnight, I swear this is the truth. Air Canada and United Airlines felt that due to the two friends not being adults it was their responsibility to give them mats and to stay in a windowless room under the control of who?????? No food, and no offer of a hotel till they could get them on another flight…truth here folks! My son is an adult and is with two of his friends who are 16 and 17 and this is what they were offered. Finally he told them to call the cops but he was leaving with his two friends. Chris and his friends stayed at a Best Western on their own dollar. AIR CANADA and their partners SUCK!!!

Finally after god-only-knows how many hours of delays and missed connections and crap for compensation, when Chris asked for an upgrade the snappy response was “why do you think you are entitled to that?” OMG I so wish I had been with them. All of you would have watched them take me away in handcuffs yelling out my very special vocabulary of thanks. Then without a question in my mind due to Chris and his friend Anthony’s complaints for how they had been treated, their other friend Mikes bag was lost for two days. They would eventually get out of Canada and arrive in Zurich…and then the train adventure. After this if these kids ever travel with me again I will be surprised.

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