It’s 2010 but some are still in the stone age

January 8, 2010

Happy New Year WienerAnd so begins another year of fun, games, great massages and DIVORCE bullshit. Of all the stuff that we enjoy through the years, massages are more popular then ever now that the big 60 is approaching.

Well let me get to it fast, some Fn moron has the nerve to place a sign on the lawn of the Santa Monica courthouse stating: COMMISSIONER DAVID J. COWAN FAMILY VALUES: R DIFFERENT FOR STR8 AMERICA! To the individual who did this, you are pathetic! I am not a big fan of Commissioner Cowan and have so stated. However, I hope that in time he grasps a better understanding of his role as a commissioner in divorce court. And at the same time understands those that stand before him sometimes will lie and cheat…do ya think? Alright, I am done. To attack this man or for that matter anyone with that sick, underhanded, muck-sucking issue of being straight or gay is total bullshit. I have several gay friends and find them to be fun and Courthouse Hate Signperhaps a little opinionated, arrogant at times, and very grumpy much of the time. I may have just described myself! As I think about this, you are lucky you don’t live in Mexico, Iraq, Iran or San Francisco or Berkeley, you would be hunted down and punished. God Bless America and our judges and commissioners. Yes, judges and commissioners who are so underpaid one would have to wonder what was on their minds to seek a job that puts them in touch with scumbags such as this …all I can think is dedication!

Well, the hate mail just keeps rolling in on J. Michael Kelly and company. Never have we had such an assortment of misery all pointing at Mr. Kelly. Once again, for me, I like the guy and found him entertaining and generous with his time…but then again we were eating! Also he has one of the more interesting backgrounds of the hundreds of people I have interviewed for Please, someone send us a nice note on their experience with this firm, I know that they have some good lawyers and I also know from my experience that divorce work is thankless most of the time, but I even have happy letters from former clients that I save right next to the ones that were…not so happy! SOS, someone send a nice comment on the Kelly firm, please!

I understand that those who were victims of the Pellican and his wiretapping are laughing all the way to the bank, with the exception of one, who is rolling to his bank. Tap Tap Tap Tap me, whatever pain or harm a wiretap can bring is nothing compared to the financial rewards that can land in the poor victims’ bank accounts. There is not one doubt in my mind that I was “listened to,” TAPPED, during the days of Anthony Pellicanos reign of terror. I say this with a great big grin. I am also very saddened that not all of the recordings were found and thus went my financial windfall, so I too could “roll” to the bank. I am beyond saddened…to think of all that money slipping through my hands only because my government got hoodwinked by a self-taught private investigator in the art and wizardry of wiretapping and the storage of information, with his little Armenian computer geek.

I hope that Anthony is getting along, I heard from a source that he was not well. Hold your eyeroll, yes he did some bad things. Hello! That is what private investigators do, they “upset” people and to many, “do bad things.” That, as I have said many times before, justifies the fees that a small group of us earn. It is not a nice, friendly type of work. You get to make people miserable. Now for my dear friend Anthony, he took it to a whole new level. How many of you are wondering what Mr. Pellicano is doing with his time? The old addage, “Idle hands are the devils workshop”….think about that for a minute.

As for several lawyers in Beverly Hills and Century City, you guys should be making generous donations to Anthonys favorite concerns…you know who you are and you know what you did and you know what I mean! One day this story is going to resurface. Well, for one thing it won’t be told by that scumbag Michael Viner formerly of Dove Books. Viner was good friends with Anthony and one time was bragging as to a book and movie deal…Mr. Viner is sleeping with the worms, he died last year. And folks, there is no way to sugar-coat the participation of some of Hollywoods big law firms and the wonderful relationship they had with The Pellican…..what was that click I heard? Dam phone lines!

Happy New Year,

John J. Nazarian

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