Another tough week of work at Rosarito Beach

John J. Nazarian
July 6, 2008

Sunset at Rosarito Beach

After my disastrous stay at the Montage in Laguna Beach, I decided to review the places that I stay in the course of my doing business as a “high flying” private investigator…hope my readers enjoy my take on what these places are all about, my way! Note: The Montage has invited us back for a “re-do” and we may very well take them up on the offer…I hope I can catch a breeze!

Mexico has been my destination a great deal this year, and why not? This is a country in transition, in a good way! The new prez is not taking any more crap from the drug cartels and the Army and the Police are very visible. My encounters with them in Central and Coastal Mexico have been very positve…intimidating, but positive. They do not care if we are nervous at the huge auto rifles they carry or the way the cops run around with pick-up trucks with officers in the back with big guns and lights flashing (here in the U.S. that type of policing would upset our immigrants and even maybe our citizens…not in Latin America. Hmmm funny when you think about it).

I went down to Rosarito Beach, just a hop, skip and stumble outside of TJ. I was going down to see if someone was camping out at the Rosarito Beach Hotel with his new flavor of the month (the hot tub scene was priceless!). My son Chris and I took up residence at the Hotel in their Presidential Suite: 2 huge bedrooms, 2 great baths, kitchen and dining area and living room and of course three flat screens. And four patios over looking the pier, beach and the Pacific Ocean (and great views of all the hot tubs!). For someone like me, even having to leave my high dollar watch at home and driving one of my SUVs…it does not get much better than this! The Rosarito Beach Hotel has been around since the 1920s and has to be one of the nicest places I have stayed…not in a fancy bullshit way but just nice and homey! Nice rooms, nice beach. I went to sleep and woke up every day with the ocean crashing and a breeze that would lull me to sleep…no ambien needed here. And great service! Jorge Monroy, Asst Manager, was the best…this guy is also a paramedic and part time fire fighter. I was so happy to have him around in the event of any medical emergency. His helpful and friendly attitude was something I cannot recall getting in the states. Then there was Jorge Peon, Manager of the Hotel and yes we have two Jorges, he too was always around and as a hotel patron it was always nice to see the management walking and talking and greeting his guests and staff. Two great guys who cared about the guest, try and find that stateside!

Malibu, hello!!! These guys clean the beach almost every day. That machine was sifting and cleaning…and what a beach! And no smells of sewage. Malibu could take a few lessons on beach management! Gorgeous sand and waves to please young and old. Lots of activities on the beach, loads of kids and again, great security and lifeguards who appeared to be patrolling continuously…..all of this was well done and with a sense of calm and safety…very peaceful even with all the vendors (many of them are related…a family thing here). As a dog lover, I was not pleased with the behavior of a few of the dog owners from the local community and how they handled there “pets”…but it is another country and they have different values…had I been in the states I would have had much more to say to these jerks, but as a visitor I remained quiet, not easy for me!

Rosarito Beach HotelSeven days and not a bad meal to be found in this hotel! Great food and even better drink. I had the best Caesar Salad I think I have ever had at the Chabett Restaurant on the hotel grounds, made at the table! The desserts also handmade at table-side by a team of pros. The “captain” of the room has been there 13 plus years. A class operation in a classy room with tile work and floors all from the 20’s!

The Spa at this place is as great a secret as is the Caesar Salad. A mother and two daughters do much of the facials and massages…don’t miss the hot stone massage — for me it was better than sex! Note: Beatrice the Spa manager for some strange reason shuts off the Steam Room and when you arrive you have to ask for it to be turned back on…three visits and each time it was off as well as the sauna! That really sucks. BUT…this staff can compete with the biggest hotels. The girls here are incredible…small hands with the strength to work your body, and it’s all sooooo clean, the rooms and facilities are all well managed (but razors and toothbrushes in the men’s side would be a nice touch!). And they have oversize bathrobes too! But leave the steam on!!!

The assignment? It was a great success!! And now to Gloria, she was our housekeeper who took care of our suite, always on top of her job and whatever we needed she took care of. “Z,” one of the bellmen, was always a good source of info and I was also impressed with his conversation and knowledge. The Hotel could not be safer…lots of cops in suits, and yes I could see their guns poking from their suits and they, too, were very professional and made me feel very safe while visiting here. Chris and I walked down the main street here at night and again, lots of activity and lots of police cars and no one bothered us except to try and hustle us into the clubs and eateries, but all good…no nightmare stories about the “Mexican police”…they were there, GOOD! and they acted like professionals, BETTER! As an American visitng this area of Baja, I felt as comfortable and safe as could be…I saw nothing but gracious people working very hard to make a living.

The Rosarito Beach Hotel won me over and it will be a destination for me and my sons in the future! Even if we are not observing the mating habits of one of my client’s boyfriends!!!

NOTE: One bad thing did happen to my son and godson. We were directed to WATER ADVENTURES (now known as WATER DISASTERS) so Chris and Jonathan could go fishing. They had a rep and a desk in the hotel lobby and I thought “how bad could it be?” Wrong! I felt I had given my kids to pirates! The boat broke down and my boys had to jump from the boat, and Jonathan hurt his back and leg! And they did not get the 100 bucks back…they were offered to use the jet skis but that never happened, and probably just as well, considering how unprofessional they were. Can you say “scam”? The guy is from the States and he bullshitted his way out of a refund. This clown ripped off two kids…if an adult had been present, the money would have been refunded. Keep away from Water Adventures and their rep in the hotel lobby! MUY MAL!!

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