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SCAM ALERT TO PAY CUSTOMS – Desperate Exes | Unleashed


WARNING! WARNING! WARNING, if you are a lonely female and you are silly enough to go on a “Dating Website,” be very careful; IT COULD COST YOU THOUSANDS, even MILLIONS! Dating sites are as popular as “personal trainers “in so much of your chances of getting ripped off are very high. ESPECIALLY DAVID MAREK PHONE HE WAS USING IS 702-623-1348 most likely, this will all go away, AND HE WILL MORPH INTO ANOTHER CHARACTER, but the CRIMINAL ACT STAYS BEHIND. ** Many Personal Trainers are total scammers, not all, but many are, more often than you would expect. Often, they are well built and sometimes good-looking and find some poor female fresh out of a DIVORCE, and the kindness of words and touch are disarming. Especially if the former marriage was violent or full of mental abuse. This is a fact that I have had to deal with on behalf of several clients over the last 30-plus years.

Recently I spoke to a 55-year-old female who had given someone that she never met $ 39,000.00, $10,000.00, and a laptop for an “attorney, “all in the hopes of getting her money back with a great interest rate return. The only problem is this was a total rip-off/fraud. For those who are lonely and trusting, you better wake give someone (COMPLETE STRANGER) large sums of your money that you have never met and hope to get it all back; wake up! CRIMINALS will weed you out on such a site. It started on a ‘dating site ‘hunting grounds for scam artists! This VICTIM is not a ‘one-off.’ This CRIMINAL is likely working several victims and bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Remember the name used: DAVID MAREK ** LOOK AT THE PHOTOS, LIKELY ALL FALSE BUT PERHAPS THIS WAS NOT THE FIRST TIME HE USED THIS NAME.

The premise of this scam was that “David Marek “saw his photo on those provided. I am sure that is not his name. If you look at the photos that were sent to our victim and that she shared with me are all photoshopped. “David” is most likely a ghost and not real. The money was sent in bitcoin format (often high dollar gift cards are used) tough to track. The CRIMINAL sent a copy of his NEVADA DRIVERS’ LICENSE to legitimize his “honesty,” which also appears fake as it does not look natural. I often wonder what is in the mind of some of my victims, so there were so many red flags that this scam looked like a parade of the foolish! Not to be cruel, but I have to be honest, “fools and their money are soon parted. ”

I do not know what the conversations were to move into the ‘give me money ‘play and, at the same time to have the confidence to ask for any to get these sums of cash. NEVER GIVE COMPLETE STRANGERS your money. There is a funny ending to this story that involves me and my retainer. The premise of this one was that the CRIMINAL had an exclusive deal to provide medical supplies and equipment to a new hospital in Turkey. This deal was going to make our CRIMINAL $20,000,000.00, and it was all held up in customs due to needing to pay ‘taxes’ on all the hospital supplies. Our CRIMINAL needed funds to pay this fee to get his supplies released *** All bullshit, of course. Keywords here are all words that trigger that desire to be rich. You must always live in a world of “if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!”

When I was contacted, my victim was preparing to send the CRIMINAL MAREK another $ 100,000.00. I stopped all that and got a hold of the victim’s financial advisor. He had been left in the dark about what was going on, but he thought to give our VICTIM my number. After speaking with the VICTIM for one hour and 41 minutes on my own dime, I brought him up to speed. My initial advice was for my VICTIM to contact the police and not send any more money. that advice was accepted very coolly as if it was going to be exceedingly difficult to accept that she was a VICTIM. I further told her not to contact CRIMINAL; however, she did immediately after hanging up with me. ** The financial advisors were familiar with me and my work and had the victim contact me for advice. *** I did mention to my VICTIM that my talking to her for free violates everything I hold dear. It is unholy, and as I always say, it is such a truth, “IF IT IS FREE OR CHEAP, IT HAS NO VALUE. ” My VICTIM was receptive but will likely not do anything she should do.

For all of you reading this, I hope you will contact us with any tips if you have had a similar event with THIS SCAM, NAME, or PHONE NUMBER.

Note: My initial advice after walking the VICTIM back into reality was that this was a scam and that she was a VICTIM. Further, she should go to the police immediately and make a report. Also, I told her to take copies of all the paperwork and emails and let there be no-nonsense and, to be honest. No shame in being a victim; as we all know, this could have been so much worse, like $100,000.00 dollars!

Upon further conversation, I told my VICTIM that if my help was needed, I would have required a $15,000.00 retainer. (Note, I said to her that it was wise to go to the police first and not throw good money after bad) Upon hearing this dollar amount, my VICTIM acted as if I had dropped a bag of ice cubes between her legs, and she gasped! *** she gave our CRIMINAL more than $ 55,000.00 dollars, never met him in person, and was preparing to give him another $ 100,000.00 had I not stopped her! And I am making this all better and giving solid lawful advice. Her response is almost shocked and possibly on the verge of fainting at what I am asking for as a retainer.


This is not the first time I have gotten this response. There is an old expression that, for some of you, get exactly what you were asking for! In this case, I am not sure why my VICTIM gave too gladly either way. It was all wrong for our CRIMINAL to rip off someone so vulnerable due to personal issues in her recent life, “Any port in a storm, “very sad!



By John Nazarian
Scam alert to pay customs John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
February 5, 2023
All Rights Reserved, do not reproduce in whole or in part without the express written consent of the author.

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