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Boots & Jeans vs Suits

When we say things such as the rich are different and the very rich are very, very different. This could not be more true, especially when it comes to providing security at their homes or for family, and 95% of the time, they are ripped off by very clever marketing techniques. (those nitwits with cheap suits and earpieces, aka Dog and Pony Show) The other common hook I often see is well-dressed people (pending opinion) with Israeli accents and, in the same vein, those with those dam British accents. These two accents, in particular, seem to be totally disarming to ones personal common sense when it comes to getting hired for home and personal security. The Israelis all have mandatory military service; this is pretty common knowledge. Then comes the con. They will often seed the thought they are all former secret police and cannot talk about what they did. The military service, for sure, is real for many who lived in Israel; the rest is all bullshit much of the time. However, that accent and the appearance is like icing for the bullshit cake that they are serving to the rich and or their representativesthis is a fact!

Over the years, Nazarian and Associates have been tasked with evaluating existing services being provided by organizations that dress pretty. Former F.B.I. agents are the best and the most silly, fairly consistently. Once they retire or are forced to leave, they often find themselves, through some self-serving miracle, fit to be security agents. Or they will get a bunch of admirers together and form groups. How these people pull this all together, one must wonder. ** Keep in mind that when some of these people were special agents, they had a hard time finding a hamburger at Mc Ds! All the while having access to stuff that should have made it easy to find a hamburger, and even back in the glory days, they could not. The retirees will put together the most impressive brochures, and they dress in those dark suits and those silly lapel pins. Very professional and highly disarming as to getting that foot in the door.

A few of these people, Schmuckle and Associates, have written books about risk and danger that was nothing more than great fiction. However, it was well-written fiction and made many of these people millionaires. Some of these organizations never had a license in the early days and had to hire individuals who could get a license to stay in business. A few have ridiculous logos, pussy cats being chased by mice. You cannot invent this stuff!

My thoughts on retired cops. They, too, more often than not, were terrible officers and basically waited for every payday and counted the days to retirement. When you visit the website of some of these people, they are laughable, shrouded in mysterious dark colors, and all staged photos of those who make up their organizations to make them look so intelligent, all foolishness in the attempt to get hired. Almost like those darn photos of food at restaurants, great looking photos. Unfortunately, it is never what you get placed before you when you order!

Some of these estates have small armies in place to provide protection, and much of the time highly ineffective. *** In a recent event in Beverly Hills, prior to the new administration, the security agent ran when confronted by a burglar who would go on to kill the lady of the house. My position on all of this staffing is they are often just useless, and who cares when you are getting those big checks monthly that can total tens of thousands of dollars. ** Big operations require lots of money to operate. Your money is most likely going to be their source. To assure myself that I am correct, I have shared my theory and thoughts with several former and active chiefs of police and sheriffs that I consider friends and, moreover, confidants.

Give me some solid technology, two golf carts or ATVs, great radios, and maybe 2-4 humans, and I can protect any large estate with total integrity. This is not just a theory. I have done just that in several large locations in the world; my procedures work. Keep in mind my theory and implementation go against the grain of the good con in making a huge payday and taking advantage of those in need of services. Having a good relationship with the local police and or sheriff is a critical component of my work in keeping my clients safe in many cases.

If you have a honey-do list, call these guys, not us.

Over the years, I have evaluated security systems for large estates that had estimates in the hundreds of thousands of dollars that, after I was done, were less than one hundred grand. Securing properties consisting of several thousand acres with technology and good equipment, and did I mention the well-paid staff? Some clients miss the issue of security vs. a valet vs. a gardener vs. a general gopher. When I am providing services to a client and what I teach and instruct my staff, we do nothing but watch and be great observers. ** advice to potential clients who are too cheap to hire appropriate help/staff to handle other honey dos as needed; not my problem. And to this very day, I have never had a serious breach or any interaction that caused any of our clients any negative publicity or injury. The bigger the project, the easier it is. Again, it is not a manpower play but a technology play, interwoven with human talent. Very similar to what is being done in the Chula Vista police department and what is in the works in Beverly Hills, with the Beverly Hills Police leading the charge. My plan of operation is very similar in the course of my evaluating and implementing a functional program that is very similar to these two cities.

When it comes to structuring and implementing an effective security operation at costs that wont insult your common sense, and when providing investigative services as well as security in America today, I am the smartest person in the room. Oh, and one more thing, I wear boots and jeans, and sometimes a western-style hat. You want clowns in suits, call those other guys!


By John Nazarian
Boots & Jeans vs Suits John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
January 20, 2023
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