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The Captain is Dead

Stephen A. Kolodny is dead, and unfortunately, I cannot attend the funeral to assure that he is, in fact, dead. However, I have it from very reliable sources that the once Fat Old Guy is, in fact, dead. No one I have ever met was better at keeping his ill health issues a secret ( Hell I recall one time getting tossed out of a courtroom when two of his useless tin soldiers Marina Zakiyan Beck and Julie Mcalarnen wanted to tell Judge Goldberg their sad story as to why the once Fat Old Guy could not be in court and Mr. Nazarian should not be here to hear.Goldberg let me back in however after a few minutes of these twos bullshit ). We hear that it was aggressive cancer that took Mr. Mean to his maker, with the King of the Bottomless Pit!

It was clear to me over a year ago that Kolodny was not well, going back to my days as an embalmer. Stephen had dark purple ear lobes, and I recall lots of people with purple ear lobes on my embalming table. After I was done shooting the juice, those earlobes were always nice and pink again, healthy! Stephen A. Kolodny always was angry, mean, and vindictive in the course of his practice of DIVORCE LAW. If there was any way at all Stephen could shit all over you and your client, he would and do it with joy and glee. Winning at all costs was the most important thing in the world to him and, of course, getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. we need to be paid. Like others of his ilk, it was always about the money. It seemed he could never ever have enough money. It is my opinion the chase for the all mighty buck did him in. All that negativity and fighting and misery can and will kill you; cancer is lurking in many of your lives as I type this.

I love me some mooooney!

It is a fact that a more entertaining person you could not find to talk with. Stephen was very personable and was loved by those in his office; he paid many of these morons way too much! There was a time when Kolodny and I were friendly, not friends but friendly it soon ended, and I was perfectly fine with that result. Some people are more fun to watch and listen to and then write about; he was one of those. Thirty-six times he was in or about in articles with

Stephen was never really the same after finding out his best friend had wiretapped him during the Pellicano saga. His best friend LMAO! Another overpaid DIVORCE lawyer. Well, you must understand, to have any friends in the world of DIVORCE is tenuous at best, everyone or at least almost everyone just wants money, lots and lots of money and that element is critical to most of the DIVORCE lawyers. And if they are nice to you, be very, very careful, ask yourself why?
Note: The Real Old Rich Guy Kerkorian had reportedly paid Kolodny $3,000,000.00 dollars for the embarrassment of being wired tapped by his former Best Friend. Friendship gone, but 3 million richer is a better result!

Kolodny was just a mean and ruthless fat little human and loved being that way.
Note:( it was obvious that Stephen had lost a great deal of weight and was likely dying right in front of our eyes. And was no longer the Fat Little guy anymore.) He seemed to me and many many others who had to deal with him in the course of a DIVORCE he loved being that way. Dont ever forget the guy knows the law backward and forward. A great lawyer, innovative comments from one lawyer, a total son of a bitch from another.

Yes, it’s VERY generous. Very generous indeed……for me.

Oh, he was very generous as are many of these millionaire DIVORCE lawyers, with a reason for every dollar given. Of course, self-promotion and the giving of awards are all important for egos for potential returns to these lawyers, and the judges they drag around with them. Just remember nothing is ever given without the possibility of a big return.

I am currently working with NETFLIX on a special involving an investigation that is exploring possible judicial misconduct in so much as the relationship with high dollar DIVORCE lawyers. My opinion is that there is no corruption and that relationships, of course, develop over the years, and they are appropriate. The opinion of many is that the relationship in insidious. It is going to be a televised special. Many see a form of corruption between DIVORCE lawyers and sitting and retired judges, more on that later. Before I forget, I do owe Stephen one thing, many years ago the Secret Service was conducting an investigation, and it was during that investigation that I met an agent, and to this day we are still friends ( note the word friends )

Well, last week it was Sorrell Trope who died and today Stephen A. Kolodny, Sorrell knew his career was through and took the actions to retire his practice. Sorrell always did the right thing and put a nice big bow on a big career and called it quits. Kolodny, on the other hand, rolled over and died and has left the Kolodny Law Group with no Captain, Captain Mean is dead! The only reason anyone hired Kolodny Law Group was in their hopes of hiring one of the most miserable firms in the world that would handle a DIVORCE and terrorize the other side. Well, Captain Mean is dead, and those left in charge could not attract a fly if they drove a garbage truck with a load of pig shit. This was Stephens world, and his entire staff, including the Tin Soldiers, are only visiting it, the clock is ticking, let us give them eight months and POOF!

Captain Mean

My prediction and that of several lawyers that I have spoken to, see Kolodny Law Group imploding, gone like so many others. Pretty simple actually. No Sorrell Trope Esq., there would be no Trope and Trope. With Kolodny dead, obviously, there is going to be no Kolodny Law Group, POOF!

Two legends of the world of DIVORCE are dead in less than a week, Sorrell Trope and Stephen A. Kolodny, who is going to purchase the third ticket for the ultimate disappointment? As my dear friend sang in one of her biggest hits, Is That All There Is? , that song really covers many of our lives.

There are many older males who are barely keeping ( one can actually get lost in an elevator but has a really nice watch ) it together and a few females, several in their 80s and many in poor health. D.J.D.M.S.D.F.V.J.S.A.J., these initials belong to the potential 3rd Ticket that we are betting on. If one of these people end up taking the dirt nap, we here at DESPERATEEXES. com will let all of you know.




I received several comments about not saying anything nice about SAKs. Well, I did. How could I speak kindly of SAKs at the time of his death? I never spoke kindly of him in life! Just because SAKs died was no cause, in my mind, to sound like I loved him or am going to miss him. Personally, I was honest. I am always honest and truthful in what I have to say. It has come to my attention that SAKs had a personal reserved parking space at the MOSK, on the same floor as the Superior Court Judges! How the hell did he pull that one off? SAKs had a great life; he was a great lawyer and someone who made millions. I take no glee in his death nor will I miss him, we were not friends. The phonies will line up and write sad messages and whimper like puppies only hoping and praying that they will pick up cases that will certainly abandon KLG looking for new, qualified counsel. There will never be another Stephen A. Kolodny, Esq., nor will there ever be another Sorrell Trope, Esq., no matter how hard some may try. Just as I am sure many will speak of me one day, how mean and cruel I was as to my thoughts and opinions of some of you. Many speak poorly of me now, and I dont give a flying jellyfish and many despise Hey folks, if not for me and my hobby, many of you would never see your names in print!




By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
June 2, 2020
All Rights Reserved, do not reproduce in whole or in part without the express written consent of the author

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