Ronald W. Anteau is Dead

Ronald W. Anteau is dead. It is reported to us that he decided to take the “deep sleep” on December 28, 2022. Having read most of the comments, I must say it is fascinating how his fellow ‘DIVORCE’ lawyers gather around and say the nicest things, as there are others with a totally different perspective. My sources have described him as follows: “Anteau was an asshole,” “he thought he was gods gift to women.” Another thought is that I should try and do research on why did Sorrell Trope give him the boot. An interesting comment from another one of my sources told me ANTEAU left Trope and Trope to join up with KOLODNY. For sure, it would be great to find the truth, as I am sure it is someplace between the two. *** So many old-timers and some younger DIVORCE lawyers had their starts at Trope and Trope.

One of our contacts asked me why these filthy rich DIVORCE lawyers enjoy dying while still grinding out the Big Paydays. My only thought is that it is the classic act of greed. Too damn greedy to give up making more money. Looking at the flamboyant lifestyles these DIVORCE lawyers have given themselves, that, too, must be hard to give up. KOLODNY never got the blowout funeral he was likely expecting, and that is actually funny. The national con job known as Covid made that event disappear! And now comes ANTEAU. He will probably get a decent send-off. Truly poetic justice. One asshole got no recognition, and the other asshole does; you cannot invent this stuff!

Could you PUHLEASE be quiet I’m trying to nap!

Over the years, I have taken a certain amount of glee in passing some of these old canker sores and miserable Kings and Queens of the Southern California DIVORCE scene. A few, in fact, I felt a little sad. That was absolutely not the norm as these old bastards from the “Golden Years” of DIVORCE are falling and fast! The days of making millions and playing the games with the rich and powerful’s DIVORCES and the courts are pretty much over. The relationships with the courts and some of these lawyers will never be the way it was. No question that train has left the station.

KOLODNY & ANTEAU, in my opinion, and that of others, feel that most of the attorneys in that firm found them in flames, would not piss on them to help! The attorneys employed by Kolodny & Anteau were nothing more than despicable freaks that took such glee in working for the little fat guy and his kickstand, Anteau. The little bag of pig shit, aka Stephen A. Kolodny, was one of the nicest people to talk with. He was interesting and, at the same time, one of the most miserable human beings to deal with that I have ever met.

Someone told me that the ghost of Stephen A. Kolodny might have been seen in the final moments of Ronald W. Anteau’s life. This is just unholy. A fowl cloud of stench moved from the shadows. It was described as short and dumpy, with a veil of unkept white hair standing straight up into the air. BAM! Then this cloud of stench sat squarely on Ron Anteau’s face, just squatting. The sound was described as a sucking sound similar to what you might hear from a septic tank as it is pumped out. And then it was silent; Anteau was dead! **Understand my imagination runs wild as the extraordinary writer that I am. This event swept me off my feet for several minutes, recalling many years of encounters.

“..described as a sucking sound..from a septic tank as it is pumped out.”

We must remember that no love was lost between Anteau and Kolodny. We are told that Kolodny terminated their partnership and LOCKED ANTEAU OUT OF THE OFFICE! Some who were present recall a loud “sucking sound and a terrible stench.” Please keep in mind that this “breakup” happened years ago.
Another source told me, “He (Anteau) just was never a nice guy or a good attorney.” We are talking about Ronald W. Anteau here. One must recall an old expression that comes to mind, “Birds of a Feather Flock Together,” which was KOLODNY & ANTEAU.
Many of the comments I am hearing about “RON” make me wonder how these lovely comments appear on the internet. The death announcement from his previous firm had me laughing so hard. This is nothing more than self-service by a group of lawyers who know the truth about many of these people and seem to run from it. He was known for never telling the truth, and when you read all these beautiful testimonials on the website, you must wonder if it is just that same old boys and now girls club just trying to reinvent history.

And in closing, to all of you who I have crossed paths with in a negative way, or a moment of you wanting to beat on your chest, your day will come too, and I will be writing the truth about your career with just as much glee. After all, I have watched you, and I have a great memory, as selective as it might be, and I will serve you up just like these two assholes, Kolodny and Anteau. On the other hand, my number could get called up, and all of this historical material gathering will stop! As sad as that day may be, it will come one day.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
January 8, 2023
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