Miserable World of DIVORCE

So, what is shaking in the miserable world of DIVORCE? Our sources report that Larry Bakman, lawyer, was blowing smoke and gas mixed with flames out of every orifice his little pudgy body had to offer! Why, you ask? Well, it would appear that he and Benjamin Valencia II, lawyer, got into one of those famous Bakman Scenes. Well, that was then, and today was shut up or put up! And from where we are sitting, Bakman has some serious GUCCI footprints all over himself! Valencia gave Bakman a stampede of GUCCI with the total approval of Judge Wendy Wilcox.

Larry Bak man aka Twinkle Toes
** For the sake of clarity, I find Larry Bakman, Esq. to be one of the most entertaining lawyers I have ever seen in a court of law. Bakman has a well-honed routine. For years, he would baffle bench officers (judges) with his outrageous shenanigans. Taking some to a challenge and, in some cases getting what he wanted with the threat of a writ. The more seasoned bench officers did not tolerate Bakmans garbage for 5 seconds. It did not take long for the bench officers, who often speak to each other at lunch or in their break rooms, and Bakmans name would come up. I could very well be an expert on the Bakman routine.

So today was a fantastic day for the great Bakman, who was in the very back of the bus the entire time, and the seats had holes! Truth be told, Bakman appeared to be fishing instead of gettin on the bus. Bakman did not show up at all, physically. His client looked like Cozette from Les Misrables with no one else to guide her. Not showing up in person would not have done any good because Mr. Valencia had Bakman all dialed in. *** Anyone over the last dozens of years knows all about Bakmans fits when he threatens Writs or that he cannot show up on a particular day due to jury selection at the Federal building; great stuff and almost scripted.

Bakman was denied a continuance at the last hearing and again during failed ex-parte. Bakman now appears virtually with his tail tucked between his legs. He seems to be belching a request AGAIN for a CONTINUANCE! Judge Wilcox, not missing a beat, declares, Denied.

There was an argument made by both sides, and this court sided with Benjamin Valencia 100 %. It was a total slaughter for Bakman, certainly not his first, and it wont be his last. All Larry knows is being Larry Bakman, Da Lawyer. One thing I can assure all my readers, Bakman gets paid, and he gets paid very well.

Benjamin Valencia II
Benjamin Valencia II
The email controversy was found to be 1) Protected by the attorney-client privilege, 2) it was sent inadvertently, and 3) no finding of criminal intent or a criminal qualifying for an exemption . this was a Grand Slam Home Run for Mr. Valencia. True to form and totally expected, Bakman does the waltz of asking for a stay so he could file a writ. And whatever else Larry could toss in the air to try and intimidate the judge, Judge Wilcoxs favorite word for today was DENIED. Bakman realizing, he is now sitting on his elbows and has been totally decimated by Valencia and Judge Wilcox. Bakman asks the court for a break to call a friend. Bakman would verbalize that without the email being admitted into evidence, he could not proceed. At that time, the court promptly dismissed the entire case and turned off Bakmans virtual appearance.

God only knows what Bakmans client paid for this dog and pony show that was provided using a 3-legged dog and a blind, lame horse. All the showmanship and bravado were undoubtedly worth something. Unfortunately for Ambyr Childers, she looked almost as ridiculous as her attorney appearing virtually; she too could have stayed home.

By John Nazarian
Miserable World of Divorce John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
December 28, 2022
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