No good deed

Recently I had to spend a week at the Peninsula Hotel again. Offer Nissenbaum’s team could not have been nicer to us. We were tired and in need of rest and some good food. We got all that and so much more. Incredible to think that the attention to detail is down to my initials on the linens on my king-size place of calm, my king-size bed. Who thinks of this kind of attention to detail? My suite was absolutely gorgeous and so quiet and huge, all of it super nice! Room service is critical to me in my travels, and the Peninsula has mastered it. Things that are supposed to be hot arrive hot, and items that are to be cold arrive cold; what a concept! Thank all of you at The Peninsula, Beverly Hills. *** We were almost going to have Thanksgiving dinner at the Peninsula due to a flight glitch. As luck would have it, Netjets, as usual, came through for our client, and I was home by noon, having dinner with my family in Montana. What a week in Beverly Hills, California.

The wonderful experience we had at the Peninsula is one of the perks of being me. I must say, I also enjoyed using a 2023 Cadillac Escalade for the week; that was pretty nice too. I have always enjoyed my Escalades and look forward to my upcoming 2024 Escalade. We did not spring for a 2022 Escalade due to the chip shortage and the desperation pricing; the pricks and useless fucks called salespeople in our nation’s showrooms were feasting on the public’s ignorance. These people who work in the sales department of most dealerships are nothing short of criminals; ever wonder how many have criminal backgrounds? Trust me on this, Lots! I will never pay full MSRP, and never ever would I pay a “premium” that was being stuffed in people’s asses over the last two years, compliments of the carpet baggers, all of them!

The assignment that brought us to Beverly Hills was nothing short of a nightmare. On each piece of my letterhead page, at the bottom of the page, it states, “No good deed goes unpunished.” I believe this to be true with every bone in my body. The pages attached to the bill’s first page clearly state at the bottom of those pages, “Doing the impossible for the ungrateful since 1991 “. That, too, is absolutely true. Also, welcome to my world and understanding the game we call assignments.

The work of a high-profile private investigator is full of pitfalls, and working hard to avoid losing your ‘ticket’ can always be on the table. My hourly is $600.00 an hour plus expenses (such as the Peninsula and NetJets). You never ever know who will sell you out. After all, I am a disposable commodity. I understand this very clearly. The expenses on this assignment were over $ 14,000.00, and it was worth every penny to our client. The Mission was Accomplished!

No good deed goes unpunished.

The downside is that as a private investigator, you can never ever trust the lawyers you work for and opposing counsel are just as dangerous. An even more significant threat to me is the clients. Playing in this world of ‘cat and mouse ‘aka the ‘ultimate liars club’ and handling the garbage for the rich and, in some cases, famous is not easy. A blessing for myself is having worked with the families of two American Presidents; that was and has been an honor. Then there are the amazing and incredibly special people; Sinatra, Anka, Martin, Lee, Philips, and a few others have been one hell of a ride, great people. The rest? Just a source of income.

Interestingly, what I have just described was alive and well in law enforcement too! I could not trust the cops I worked with either at times. Thinking even more profoundly, I could often trust the bad guys/career criminals more than my “brothers “with guns and badges. Learning to play the game in my many careers was critical to my success; God knows I was prepped for this from birth.

After all, at the end of the day, it is all one big game, and understanding the ‘play’ is critical for any successful career. Those many careers, ’embalming, landscaping, escort services, and the longest career I have ever had is being a well-paid problem solver for a very steep price. Another of my lifelong learning processes was the following: “if your service is free or cheap, it has no value “MERRY CHRISTMAS!


By John Nazarian
My Way John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
December 17, 2022
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