Flying “My Way”

Welcome back. We have missed you all. ‘The Good and the Evil’ of you are my guests. I have been so slammed for the last 5 weeks that I have not had time to write or review the accolades for my work and, my favorite, the hateful comments! It is interesting to see people’s comments when they can hide behind a keyboard. None of them would ever say anything nasty to my face, and even more cowardly is that nobody ever puts their given name on their comments, flies, annoying shit-eating flies!

Have no fear; I am back and chuckling as I delete almost all the comments, as it is only my opinion and thoughts that count here! If you want to see your words and/or thoughts in print, get your own platform, this is all mine! We, as human beings, are who we are, and some of us are followers. Some of us are leaders, and in my professional opinion, many more are sheep, blowing in the wind like tumbleweeds moving in whatever direction that wind may blow. For myself, I have always done things ‘my way.’ It works well for me. Thus, one of my favorite songs was written by a dear friend, Paul Anka, and sung by another of my good acquaintances, Mr. Frank Sinatra. Oddly enough, it has always been easier to do it “My Way. Historically, I came into this world not being wanted as many little happy bundles of joy are. I was adopted as an infant by a very gracious Armenian Catholic family. Learning that I was adopted, I researched and realized that getting here was half the battle. The rest was easy.

Over my lifetime, people have said some bizarre and cruel things to me during just living. One of the oddest comments made to me by an individual who was close to me for almost 30 years was the following, If you were Jewish, you would not have done that.” This was stated to me by that same individual (who was kind enough to have put some of her thoughts in writing so I could make choices) when I refused to remove a story, I had written about an individual I did not like. The old lady just adored (primarily due to the money the individual could put into her coffers, for some cash trumps friendship).

Now for some of you who visit this site regularly (we know), you too have had things written about you that you wish I/we had removed from DESPERATEEXES.COM. Yes, this is true, as I remember some of you asking me/us to remove my comments and thoughts about your dumb ass! Of course, I am not going to ever back down, I always speak the truth, and it is my right as a journalist to write as I please. I have put my name on any comment I have made that I did not believe with all my heart is true and legitimate. ** we know who visits our websites as it is important to me based on my curiosity.

Has it been difficult for me in my 31-year career doing it “My Way? “Absolutely not. I would not have behaved or acted in any other way than I have chosen. Certainly, some individuals boycotted my detective agency through the years, and I am good with that and still am. 31 years and we are as busy as we want to be. Took off this week for Florida to serve papers, the best part, on one of NetJets’ incredible flying palaces, a Citation X.

Frankly, I enjoyed writing about many of you more than I ever would have had working with you! Choices, my friends, are what a lifetime career can be built on. Our podcast is still in the works, and we are busy trying to ‘cross all the T’s and dotting all the I’s, which is not a small task. A few weeks ago, I met with my agent and his team to discuss a few potential opportunities for myself in reviewing my years of working as a private detective and security advisor for some of the biggest names in the world. This has been in the works for a while. Covid (one of the biggest cons ever pulled on the American people and the world in our living history) certainly did not help.

Time is on my side, and my life story is becoming more valuable as time goes on. If you have never flown on a private jet aircraft across the United States, I feel bad for you; it is one hell of an experience.

Upcoming projects for DESPERATEEXES.COM are being written and reviewed for publishing. My thoughts on one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, The United States, my thoughts on 9-11 and the scum that still sit in prison 20 years later, my time with ‘Old Blue Eyes,’ Ms. Elizabeth Taylor, Peggy Lee and of course Anna Nicole Smith. I Promise it will be all “My Way “thank you, Paul Anka, for writing and singing “My Song.”

By John Nazarian
My Way John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 3, 2022
All Rights Reserved, do not reproduce in whole or in part without the express written consent of the author

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