Another kick in the teeth

Once again, America and its justice system get a kick in the teeth. Jussie Smollett has beat the system again. This fool is out of custody after being sent to jail for five months. Clever lawyering? I think not. We have continuously seen the special treatment that certain Black Americans are afforded. All those photo-ops with a sitting president, members of Congress, and other high profile Black leaders.


My editors, and those I work with on DESPERATEEXES.COM, often warn me that my writings are close to being racists. I giggle and snicker, and that as a white American, a retired police officer/sheriffs deputy, I say bullshit to that! Organizations such as the NAACP, BLM, Al Sharpton, and The Jessie have promoted the Black Agenda. That agenda has promoted a level of appeasement towards black criminals that I never thought was possible. It is a fact that, in certain cities, white Americans are the feed for the black criminal element that has crept into some of our nicest neighborhoods and towns.


Appeasement, you ask. Timothy George Simpkins, a black 18-year-old shooter who attended Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas, brings a gun to his High School and shoots three people! He barely spent a night in jail. His lawyer makes this ridiculous statement to justify his release; this was not a Standard issue school shooting. Now we see Jussie Smollett pull one of the best courtroom scenes on record; it almost had the feel of a scene out of a Denzel Washington movie!


That verbal outburst we watched on television at Smolletts sentencing was all staged. It was all a great act for use by his lawyers and family and his fan base. I am not suicidal might have seemed like a bit much; however, all theatrical, he is an actor! No one saw this release coming, especially Judge James Linn. When Judge Linn stated, Hammer of justice has to fall, he never realized that hammer would bounce and strike the judge, and all of America, in the head.


I predict that Smollett will once again be on television, as sure as I sit here and type this story. Why? He is black, well, at least half, and due to his position of becoming the victim of truth, he will manipulate it into being a good thing, and shit for brains will be on television again.


What the hell? When you attempt to blame white America for a racist attack, this is often a stepping stone to greatness. Look at that grease ball Al Sharpton, or The Rev, aka The Jessie. All these peoples greatness and wealth, all on the backs of white America, on issues concerning the Black community. Sure, there are genuine victims; however, many of the issues and accusations were/are just a play to settle for millions of dollars for what was interpreted as violations of some Black persons civil rights. My opinion is most often that much of that was all very clever lawyering and total manipulation of the facts.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
March 20, 2022
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