Happy Fourth of July

Well, here we are; its the Fourth of July 2022. We have a senile old fool sitting in the White House with a treasonous group of professional politicians who are controlling the old fool. Who, you ask? Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Gerry Nadler, and of course, the token African American Maxine Waters with the Big Red Lips. The incredible thing in what I mentioned above is that this group got away with almost bringing the United States down with a virus that they very likely helped develop, all to gain access to the Oval Office.

President Trump certainly was a yuge surprise for all of us. However, a great President for America, as is obvious as we see what is happening to America and the greatness being flushed away. All I will say is that I spend a great deal of time in Washington D.C., as well as Mar a Lago, and the word respect is not strong enough word for the Trump family.

Da Ultimate Goombah

Talking about television, I have been busy. I got contracted to be a part of a documentary on Anthony Pellicano, aka Da Ultimate Goombah, who is back and getting hired to work on cases. My only thought is that Pellicano paid his debt to society, and I am sure Judge Dale S. Fischer is very pleased. However, it is my opinion that people of Pellicanos ilk seldom, if ever, learn any lesson as to what they did. People like this think they are smarter than everyone else. Many years ago, I had a radio show called Straight Talk with John J Nazarian. One of my guests was Kat Pellicano, and she was one of the best guests I ever had on the show. Kat was a good friend, and I trusted her, as well as her thoughts, on all things Pellicano. I actually miss not speaking with her as we did so often for a while till she moved; she is a great lady!

The premise/reality, of course, is that the corruption that many lawyers participate in, as long as they are comfortable that they will not get caught, has no limits. And the people they use do questionable things on their behalf so as not to put their law license in jeopardy. Not actually breaking the law, but questionable, such as gathering information that will give them an upper hand over the other side. The perfect example is the relationship between Dennis Wasser, Esq., and Stephen A. Kolodny, Esq., one of the best examples of betrayal you can find, unless you are talking about the 20 Percent Team.
Had a great time filming, and the producer was John Pappas, a class act and a great guy to work with. His team was as well and went out of their way to make me comfortable. One thing that I was hoping to make clear is the fact that in America today, there is no privacy, zero! As long as someone wants something about you and is willing to pay for it, it is for sale!

More money, now!

As if that was not fun enough, I got signed to work on the Britney Spears story for a London Production Company. My thoughts, and those who live in a world full of common sense, agree the conservatorship was a total setup. And welcome to the California Court system, especially the Civil and Family Law areas of expertise. Those in charge should have left it as DIVORCE instead of trying to legitimize it. Family Law, my ass! If nothing else, you must understand one critical factor. Your best interest is seldom, if ever, the best interest of your lawyers. Wrap your head around that, and you will understand why your DIVORCE, or your CONSERVATORSHIP, is not ending anytime soon. Having too much money can be a huge obstacle to getting any justice. Just think about what I am saying here and watch the show.

Thank you all

I want to thank both production crews and the incredible flight crews that managed my many flights. Thank you, NetJets and Delta. All of my accommodations could not have been nicer, and a very special thanks to The Peninsula Beverly Hills and The Peninsula New York.




editors note: the article got gobbled up by the net goblins, so it is a tad late.

By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 5, 2022
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