Divorce and man-meat

Jerry Hall, Ruperts current wife, and soon-to-be ex-wife, hired a local divorce lawyer to file papers here in Los Angeles (case #22STFL07156, filed July 1, 2022.) Unfortunately, the lawyer she hired filed under their true names! It would have been better to file under an alias. The other issue is has Jerry Hall been in California for the last six months. I am thinking no! There is no jurisdiction here; clearly, she could not have been here for six months or three months for legal separation?

He does love to hear the sound of his own voice

Murdoch can still file in England and put the fuzzy muzzle on this grab for the cash here in the land of Greed and Entitlement. It should be fun to listen to and read. Certainly, a guy like Murdoch will have the resources to squash whoever Jerry Hall hired. Squeak! However, there is no shortage regarding the number of rats practicing DIVORCE LAW in Southern California; you have well-dressed geriatric females and loud, boisterous males who love the sound of their voices. Rupert Murdoch will not even blink. Jerry, if you are reading this, consider someone like Judy Bogen, Pedram Mansouri, or another favorite of mine, Adam Lipsic. This group has standards far above the rest. Something I look for is not just the incredible knowledge of the law; they must also be smart. Being sneaky and conniving is often mistaken for smart. However, as we spoke of in the beginning, not sure she has any standing in California.



Oh my!

Ricky Martin is facing a Domestic Restraining order in Puerto Rico. It is reported to be about a relationship gone bad. Theothermale is concerned for his safety. I am sure getting smacked with a very large piece of man meat must be concerning! It was also reported in El Vocero that Ricky Martin and this once loving male dated for several months and broke up a few months ago. The accusation is that Ricky Martin has been seen loitering around the former love of his lifes residence. And thus, the former sugar lick fears his safety. You see, bullshit is bullshit even in Spanish.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 3, 2022
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