Ain’t they special

The once lovebirds of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are not so much anymore. I must say I predicted this years ago. Look at the two of them. The Sperm Catcher has no talent, and The Sperm Donor is not too smart. Kim has no talent other than being a fuck buddy to dark southern gentlemen; it would appear to be a family thing. Kanye West who’s not very bright but has been lucky to make a ton of money.   Kim obviously loves her “Meat dark and thick.” Likely not her fault as it’s the way she is built.


When God blessed Kim Kardashian, he had to have been laughing very hard at the way he formed her. She almost looks as if she is deformed; little head, small chest area, and the lower half is just Yuge! When I say how she is built, I am talking about getting to the “goods.” No question, she has a pretty face, with a body of prairie tick that has sucked so much blood it looks as if it is ready to pop. Her sex partner better be blessed with a 12-inch personality, is all I am saying. That huge ass and those enormous hips, most guys would have to strap a 2×4, and maybe a helium-filled balloon, to hold them in place as not to fall in trying to hit the “spot.”


It is reported that Kanye West has fired his current lawyer, Christopher C. Melcher, of Walzer Melcher, LLP. Melcher markets himself as a “Celebrity Lawyer.” Laura Wasser is a celebrity lawyer, Sorrel Trope was a celebrity lawyer, Neal Hersh and Joe Mannis are celebrity lawyers, Susan Wiesner is a celebrity lawyer. Christopher C. Melcher is a trash truck. He dresses like a homeless person, he looks like a homeless person, and in my opinion, he is one of those lawyers who love to keep the case going.


“The Medicine Cabinet Is Now The Brundle Museum Of Natural History. You Wanna’ See What Else Is In It?” – Seth

Note: Lawyers have an amazing ability to keep cases in “play” to develop billable hours; you must remember that DIVORCE is all about the money. That “celebrity” bullshit is just that, bullshit. All that is going to do is assure that you get slammed and walk out looking like a cow going through a slaughterhouse. My only other thought is, if you retain Chris Melcher, you better like flies. Garbage Trucks and Big Turds attract tons of flies.


Kanye, here is a free tip. You want a tough, well-seasoned, female DIVORCE lawyer. What about Judy Bogen, Lawyer? Hell, she is currently representing 30-year-old NBA star, Tristan Thompson. Now Judy has the chops, and no one will ever accuse her of not being able to express herself! Bogen knows the law and is respected by the courts, unlike some that will remain nameless. Bogen is a lawyer that has, for years, represented celebrities, and she doesn’t need anyone to help her!


It gets even funnier. Kanye Wes, who, seriously, is not very smart, in my opinion. He has lots of money, for now, but not too smart, and he’s proven it. He hires Samantha F. Spector, “F” for Not Funny and or No Fashion. Samantha F. Spector is one of the best self-promoters there is. Eighty years ago, she could have been the General Manager of Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey. She could have led the elephants out into the big ring, blowing sparks out of her ass! Just as long as she does not wear anything gray not to blend in with the elephants. A better self-promoter than anyone else, as I have stated, that has ever lived and promoted herself in the world of DIVORCE. The problem is that, in my opinion, Spector can’t handle a high dollar DIVORCE; she is totally better suited for simple civil cases not exceeding $2,500.00, or 20% of that. Having a presence in court that, unless she has a Blue Light Special beacon on her head, you would assume she is present, waiting to mop the courtroom at the first recess.


Hi, I’ll be your lawyer. I’m straight out of the circus, so I will work for peanuts.

So here is what is going to happen. My prediction is that Samantha Spector, Esq, won’t handle this by herself unless it is a wham-bam give me some money hearing. Samantha appears to have a special place in her heart for the matronly, and thus Sam often has a rather elderly, well-dressed matronly lawyer with her. The two look like “mother and daughter” as the two giggle and cackle walking down the halls of the Stanley Mosk, thinking of what they will make on a DIVORCE filing. One is dressed to the nines, and the other looks like a “discount clothes rack gone wrong.” That would be Spector. All that money and she looks like Melcher when she looks in the mirror. Spector is a “sucker light.” Sure, she attracts suckers, and how she does it is the million-dollar question. Why hire Samantha Spector when she is going to bring in “Co-Counsel?” Why would you hire SFS and whoever she brings in as “Co-Counsel?” Just hire that firm and leave “Stumpy” at the curb. You don’t need the expense of feeding her, and you are paying double and triple in billable hours. Why?   Look at a real DIVORCE firm, like the one who is representing “The Tick,” aka Kim. Laura Wasser is the real deal and has the pedigree to represent a high-dollar client. We hope you enjoy a great “dog and pony” show. Spector and “mother” will do a great job of entertaining you, for sure, at $100,000.00 a month or more. And don’t be frightened when you hear “Ladies and Gentlemen.” No, you are not entering a circus of old; you are going to get a hell of a show from Samantha F. Spector and whoever she brings in (old and well-dressed generally) to run the case. This I can assure you it won’t be Samantha F. Spector at the helm!


It seems odd that Kanye West had Christopher Melcher, who always consistently and successfully looks like a shit sandwich, who happens to be a DIVORCE lawyer. Then hires Samantha F. Spector, who wears the same ill-fitting clothes all the time. I am guessing due to her issue with her weight. From the rear, as she walks, it looks like two pigs fighting in a burlap bag.   (Lots of dark colors and animal prints) We were wondering, is that a criterion to work for Kanye, look like shit, and dress shabbily?


By John Nazarian
©Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
March 8, 2022
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