You Lose Loser

Recently I was asked about LISA HELFEND MEYER, LAWYER, and that huge $50,000 sanction that was dropped on her by a Ventura County Family Law Judge. I was not, of course, present when Meyer seriously violated a section of the Family Code and pissed off a few lawyers and one particular judge in Ventura County. ** This was appealed, and the appellate court found AGAINST Lisa Helfend Meyer, Lawyer.


The only thing I can think of is that some attorneys take that “scorched earth” approach, and it is a throw of the dice. The clients who love all the pain you can give to the “other” side really don’t care if, at some point, you crash and burn. And as long as the money is good, some lawyers’ ethics are not what they should be. Making a comment about Spector always wearing the same clothes and being a little fat will be funny too.


Welcome to the meeting of the MMCJS at MOLM

Very similar to “Let’s Make a Deal,” you pick a door and take your chances. If you choose to try and gut all your adversaries, like fresh-caught tuna, and you get “ZONKED.” Go sit down, bust that checkbook open, and pay $50,000.00. And all that money that was spent on the appeal of that mean old judge, more money down the drain. But when you make millions, who cares about $50,000.00 and all those extra expenses? These wealthy lawyers care less about the penalties and are more into their personal mental masturbation. Most have no real friends, and if they do, it is “The Best Friends Money will buy,” the 20% percent squad, if you will.


Proof of my point, just sit afar and watch some of these millionaire lawyers. Look at their faces and the way they interact. Many are empty vessels, unloved, and hated by most. They eat but seldom enjoy the meal and interactions with those around them. Everything is all about the money and covering that overhead. I sat for years and watched many of them. For me, it was entertaining! Stacy D. Philips comes to mind. “D” must be for “Dah,” walking around the courthouse wearing all those $$$$ clothes and shoes. Poor thing looks like a homeless person. And that hair! A few of these female lawyers are more concerned about their fading looks than the fact their knees are knocking as they are “click-clack” through the courthouse wearing those painfully ridiculous shoes. ***Personally, I love the heels and handbags.



Samantha Spector is another one. Obviously, that tiger print skirt is a favorite of hers. Might it be one made of those stretch materials? Too bad she is a little on the fat side; otherwise, she could wear what Lisa Helfend Meyers gives away. (It does appear she likes to eat, or as we used to say, “girl can scarf.”)  Back in 2015, a study was done that stated, “Men really do scarf down food faster than women.” Obviously, they have never sat with Samantha Spector, Esq. One time she was wearing something, and it looked like a feed bag. ** I would buy a ticket to watch Samantha mow through a Las Vegas buffet.


Another great example of a miserable low life to look at is that “bucket of maggots,” Tom Girardi. He was just a nasty little human being, ruthless in the way he dealt with those around him. The other wonderful result of his removal from being a lawyer was that all those assholes who were surrounding him at the mill were gone! Well, all that nastiness caught up with him and buried him in sticky shit. All his millions are gone. The funny thing is, it is either a total train wreck, or these miserable fucks of life just roll over and die. Stephen A. Kolodny comes to mind. I told several people he looked like death warmed over the last few times I saw him before he went silent. I was right; the once little fat fucker was dying!


*mic drop*

The point is that many of these miserable fuckers who practice law are just that, miserable fuckers who live in a fantasy world of happiness. Most of their colleagues are laughing at them behind their backs; the judges too often just tolerate them. It must be tough to be so rich and hated by most, especially those closest to you.




By John Nazarian
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February 15, 2022
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