Memories of Bernard

As I am reviewing and researching a 30 plus year career working with the hundreds and hundreds of interesting and colorful people I have worked with, what a fascinating journey it has been.Recently, I was looking over the events of the Doris Duke saga, all connected by Miss Peggy Lee, who put Bernard Lafferty in contact with John J. Nazarian.When Bernard and I met at the Rite Aid in Beverly Hills the first time, the conversation involved that his primary concern was people and what they were doing in and around him. He spoke to me in such a manner that he was truly frightened that his freedom was at risk. Fact be told, I had met Bernard prior while Doris Duke was still alive, and again, it was all thanks to Miss Peggy Lee. That relationship would become stronger in the days, weeks, and months to come, right up to the day I helped remove Bernard Laffertys body from his home. I still miss him.

Recently I read an article on the KCET website, and the writer, Hadley Meares, has made a huge mistake. Bernard Lafferty did not die at Falcons Lair, the former home of Doris Duke, that is just another inaccurate report, and KCET supported it. Bernard Lafferty died in his own home, in his bed. It appeared that he had eaten a little heavy and drank a little too much before going to bed and threw up in his sleep, aspirating the vomit and blowing out his esophagus. ** I had been at the house just hours before regarding a couple of visitors. His attorney (CH) had called me upon her arrival and found him dead. I lived on Wilshire Boulevard in a high-rise with Arnel, my ChaCha, and Kilo. I climbed out of bed, left in my pajamas, and had Arnel bring my clothes up to Bernards mansion.

Shit meet Fan.

Bernards Lawyer and two guests helped clean Bernard up while in his death bed. Changed the bed coverings and changed Bernards clothes as they had been soiled by death and vomit. Bernard looked as if he was dozing but was obviously dead when I arrived. We all knew that as soon as we called the L.A.P.D., it would hit the fan. As soon as we notified the Los Angeles Police Department, the helicopters arrived, and our phones were ringing. There are employees with the L.A.P.D., who leak information intentionally to the media all the time, and I believe it is for monetary gain!

I was in contact with a supervising Lt. when two detectives arrived from Robbery Homicide Division, the premier division for the L.A.P.D. Because Bernard Lafferty was considered a celebrity, R.H.D. was handling it. These bozos began the bullshit upon their arrival. They could not get onto the property as I was not letting them in under the pretense that the gate was not working as we needed more time to clean things up. Once in the house, the two wizards of R.H.D. began to declare parts of the house as a crime scene until they decided otherwise. They looked so silly.

At one point, when these two police detectives were full of themselves, I told them that their crime scene was in a garbage barrel. I guess they could not figure out that Bernard was obviously dressed as if he was going to go to dinner at Pucks, and the bed looked like it was made up beautifully around him. Finally, I asked them what they thought. Both looked at me with a pitiful look on their very cop-like pusses.Then I told them that the crime scene was outside and then they asked me where. Due to their asshole attitude, I told them to look for it! Bernards attorney and a housekeeper, I believe, had dumped the mess into the trash! Finally, they found it, packed it up, and eventually left. The Los Angeles County Coroner arrived to take Bernards remains, and it was me who insisted that they pull the van into the garage to make it impossible for tabloids to get a photo. As a result, THE TABLOIDS & MEDIA GOT NO PHOTO OF BERNARD LAFFERTY BEING TAKEN AWAY! **I would do something very similar in the ANNA NICOLE SMITH case with Dr. Erosovich.

Doris and Bernard

The last time I saw Bernard alive was the evening before he died. He was sitting at the table and eating vanilla ice cream. He was happy and chatty, and I have nothing but great memories of him and Doris Duke. They truly loved each other in a friendship way.

There is so much more, and we may look at it in the future in my book; however, I have nothing but great memories of Bernard and nothing negative at all. He was a true Irishman!




By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
January 10, 2022
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