Just Call Me The Choker

Kobe Bryant is dead and buried but certainly not forgotten. All the wonderful accolades and paintings on walls and heartwarming memorials. I am never surprised at how easy the public is to fool and how time and lots of money (millions) change so many realities. A reality, over time, can be, and is often, changed or manipulated to meet the needs of those whose reputations need adjusting. The truth is out there for anyone who wants to read the facts and come to an intelligent conclusion.

July 1, 2003, while Kobe Bryant is visiting Edwards, Colorado, he checks into the Lodge & Spa at Cordillera. It is while he is visiting that he buries his Black Mamba into an employee of the resort while he has her bent over a chair. Katelyn Faber gets a good dose of the Black Mamba, now what? Note: Vaginal area is bruised and torn. Holy shit! You know what they say, go black never go back. Even if she was bent over a chair in a hotel room, did she ask for an autograph?

* You know, when a Black Mamba is born it has 2-3 drops of venom in each fang! Damn ready to kill. The nickname Kobe Bryant got is interesting. The snake is known to be slender, agile, and very, very fast. The damn thing has a coffin-shaped head; long, slender with a coffin-shaped head, ouch! Another funny thing is the damn thing likes dropping out of trees onto their victims.
** Did Kobe ever climb trees to retrieve a basketball? Did I mention the Coffin-shaped head?

You named yourself after me?

He bent 19-year-old Katelyn Faber over a chair in his hotel room and did his thing. Imagine a young, black, male millionaire athlete doing as he pleases with who he pleases, and he likes them light skin gals. That is about as unusual as these limited talent rappers getting their asses shot and killed in rooms full of people or as they look for a Chicken and Waffle house.

Too funny, it is almost predictable with Kobe Bryant, who was only 24 years old. It was reported that the Black Mamba, aka Kobe Bryant, admitted he likes to strangle the person as he is behind them, jamming his Black Mamba into his sex partners. Yes, sir, it is furtherreported that Kobe likes that, and he is not sure how tight he holds his sexual partners/victims by their necks. Due in part I have strong hands, and I am not sure how tight I squeeze their necks. Very interesting, and worse yet, initially he DENIED ALL OF IT until they found his semen inside Katelyn Faber, and her blood on his T-shirt. Hard to say, It was not me.

Katelyn vs Vanessa

It seems he like strangling others and not his wife, Vanessa Bryant, of course. However, can you imagine the rage that was building up in her as she read all these things her husband likes, especially when she saw the photos of Katelyn Faber? Very pretty, as attractive as Vanessa, and maybe more so. She definitely is Kobes type, and Vanessa knows it. Kobe Bryant admits that he did have sex, and it was all consensual. I say there might have been some funny stuff. Once that Black Mamba got hard and throbbing, the rest was all history!

In the end, all was good. The lawyers, and people like me, did all kinds of things to make the victim look bad. Stories were made up, and for the right kind of money, stories are published in the supermarket rags. The victims’ character comes under attack and the truth no longer has any significance,with the hope that the victim will weaken and give up.

Would’ve been the safer choke play.

Farber did cave under the constant harassment by Kobe Bryants people and those hired to do their magic. Magic, and then the Big Poof, all paid for under the direction of Bryant and those he retained to do his bidding. Finally, Farber gets a nice payday to just go away during the Civil filing. As long as it is not a criminal filing, anything is better than a rape charge. Whats a few million? I have, over the years, paid off many for the mistakes of my clients, sign this, and all of this is yours.Throw enough money at a criminal issue and hope it can be settled Civilly.

Note: Vanessa wanted a DIVORCE, but it appears that a very large ring made it all better and no one choked on the price.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
January 9, 2022
All Rights Reserved, do not reproduce in whole or in part without the express written consent of the author.

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