Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas, and I hope a very Happy New Year for 2022. It is nice saying “Merry Christmas” and knowing that Santa Claus is still a Jolly Old White Guy.  I only mention this so much that much of what was white on television is now “black.”  I am happy that my father, and most of my relatives that lived as I grew up, are dead now. If not, this “all things black are good, and almost all things white are bad” would almost certainly kill them.


I want to send a very special thank you to Joe Mannis, Pedram Mansouri, Judy Bogen, Joe Koenig, Benjamin Valencia, and Rox Taghavi. Again, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you all. There are others too who have been supportive of us this year and, for the sake of their privacy, will be told thank you in private. As many know, I keep my condo in California; however, I live in a Constitutional State.  We carry guns and stand during the pledge of allegiance, God Bless America is still a good thing, and Rodeos are a great pastime.


Gotta compensate for “short” comings.

Seldom is a Mercedes or Porsche ever seen, and Bentleys, I have seen only one, and I think they missed the interstate. Sure, my Bentleys and Rolls are stored here but kept in one of our shops and are seldom driven on the streets.  Here, if you got big money, the drive of choice is a big-ass pickup truck, preferably a “Dually.” And as a backup, GMC Yukon, or Cadillac Escalade. When working in California, it is fun to see all those “Dig Me” cars and those ugly “SS Staff” cars by Mercedes. Not happening here, and I love that aspect of life in rural America.


To say I live in “White America” would be an understatement, and I did it on purpose to ensure that those values we love would be protected from the likes of the fools who govern places like California and New York, to be honest.  Honesty is a good thing, and telling the truth, too, is a good thing. At a certain age, I have noticed I am not politically correct, and I feel damn good about it. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still must deal with California and New York as they are still places where I must work, but I have choices!


Promises are empty words if you’re not keeping them.
–Mike Ditka

For me, the only people who have a real bitch as to the outcome of their lives, “promises broken,” are not the blacks, Latinos, or anyone else for that matter; they made their beds and can sleep in them (no matter what prison they find themselves in). Instead, it is the American Indian who has always gotten the short end of the stick. Talk about heritage; we could learn a great deal from those who settled much of America first.


I love the condo, and I had a great time with Trope and Bogen at The Polo Lounge 2 weeks ago. Christ! Those meals and the check after eating there could buy food for a month under Trump, maybe a week under Biden. Flying home is something I always look forward to; saying goodbye to some grandkids and seeing the other ones at the other end is always a treat.


Day at the beach

Daytona Beach was a real adventure. The beaches on the peninsula make Malibu look like a ghetto fixer-upper, just breathtaking. Attending the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas at Thomas and Mack Center this week was great. Thank you, Thank you, Paul Anka & Emily, for those incredible seats.  The four days spent at the Four Seasons were wonderful too, and thank you for the house car. I think I know who set that up also. Danke Schon, Mr. Las Vegas!





Merry Christmas to you all,




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December 16, 2021
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