America Burning

I am sick to my stomach watching our precious children being slaughtered on our streets and in their beds and riding in cars, all taking place in America.  The shooting of children in their beds in big cities, Chicago, New York, Washington, and of course California.  The reason I believe is that the only people who can legally carry firearms in these states concealed are Law Enforcement and, of course, criminals. The rule of law is no longer helpful in America and is being dismantled piece by piece by those who ignore it.  This lack of law is going from the shit hole ghettos of American cities and moving into our suburbs and upscale neighborhoods and is catching those inhabitants all off guard, including the police, especially the police.


Gotta save those family values…

Eating Lunch in Beverly Hills, young negroes with guns will rob you in broad daylight.  Only when Americans fight back, and these young negroes with guns are found shot at the scenes of their criminal acts, will this stop.  I hope and pray they are killed at the crime scenes that they created. Who gave these young thugs the right to attack respectable people? The Democrats and the liberals of some of these cities have made it clear that it is acceptable behavior and welcomed.  The police at one time knew exactly how to deal with these hoodlums from the inner cities.  Now it is not in the best interest of any police officer to deal with negro criminals as the influence of liberals has given negroes a “pass,” so to speak.  And for white officers confronting negroes in the throes of attacking innocents is worrisome for their careers. Imagine shooting a gun-toting criminal? All good unless he or she is a negro.


This is a slippery slope that San Francisco spearheaded and put into action, the ability to walk into any store in San Francisco and walk out without paying.  San Francisco made it all a misdemeanor, and the S.F.P.D. will not even respond to a “shoplifting” call. Incredible when you think of it, and it was already a problem in this shit hole by the bay. The liberal government and the attitude of law enforcement sealed it.   Some retailers are moving out of the City of S.F. due to massive losses and no assistance from the police. It has now had a ripple effect across the country. Now you must understand that members of the negro community have never had a second thought as to rioting and stealing things that they could never ever afford to buy on their own dime.  Family values are in the shitter, and these ghetto dwellers are not afraid to enter locations that at one time were off-limits to them due to them not having the money to buy what was sold there. Hell, now they go in and steal all that they want and do so with full knowledge nothing is going to happen. And if caught and being a negro, you will likely get a slap on the hand and sent off to do it all again, new American justice system.


Robert E Lee statue Richmond VA

We now take statues down of General Robert E. Lee & Christopher Columbus and put statues up to honor negro criminals; George Floyd is an excellent one. Welcome to the new American order, Al Sharpton, that old negro hustler who found wealth in bullshitting his own community. Rev. Jackson, that old gimp, was one of the original race-baiters, and both became rich doing their “hustle.” Both are as racist towards white people as anyone that ever lived. They found a niche with their bullshit title of “Reverend” and ran with it all the way to the bank. Sheep, even black ones, need to follow something. Enter the “Rev Brothers.”




The point, if I have not lost it, is that “white America” is, in fact, under attack and we are sitting around just watching it happen. B.L.M. is nothing more than a terrorist group, as is A.N.I.T.F.A.  Colorado is dropping the term “Sex Offender” as it is offensive and not fair. Fair? Everyone wants to be fair.  California is dropping the term “Illegal Alien.” God knows Biden’s administration wants to have as many new potential voters as possible; felons, Illegals, and Negro Criminals votes make no difference.  Don’t enter legally and still get to vote and have full access to the courts and benefits that the United States Government can provide.  The criminal justice system is under attack, and it is going towards giving more rights to criminals and taking away the rights of their victims. Again, this liberal way of thinking and the Democrats wanting to give away America as we once knew it must stop.  Colorado is moving to some degree to make rapists and child molesters acceptable and more “coddling.”


America is for whites only

A final thought is that of the criminal, Ahmaud Arbery. He was no more a jogger than I am a Kentucky Derby-winning jockey.  Arbery got caught looking for something to steal and got caught, just that simple.  It was FAKE NEWS that tried to convince the world that he was just a “negro jogger” and was captured by three white men and shot.  The three white guys did use deadly force, and maybe another alternative would have been better. In saying that, I must wonder what will burn if they’re found not guilty, and if convicted, will they erect another bullshit negro statue for another criminal, Arbery?  (of course, they were found guilty)


Now keep in mind that negroes kill negroes, dozens of them every weekend in places like Chicago, New York, and other Democratic shitholes in America. Little or nothing is being done or can be done to stop the carnage.  It is totally acceptable for negroes to slaughter negroes if no white people are involved, especially white cops!  The homicide rate in some of these cities plays almost like a “sport.” The cities where all this killing is taking place should issue permits to the criminals with guns and limit the “bag” number of kills they are allowed.  Will “Da Reverend” Jessie Jackson or his bunkmate, Al Sharpton, ever show up in those places? Not a chance. Philadelphia has 500 homicides already for 2021, and the year is not over yet.


Rev. Al, Rev Jackson, and Donnie boy.

BUT! Sharpton, Jackson, and many other negro ministers will all show up in the courtroom where a panel of mostly white jurors is listening to testimony, all of it to intimidate the outcome of the trial. To think not, you would have to be ignorant and unable to understand the “plays” these people manipulate. The defense attorney who called attention to this was attacked in the media for his “racist view.” He was 100% correct. And again, Ahmaud Arbery was a criminal, and don’t forget it.  However, those who killed Arbery should have called the cops and followed him, and been good witnesses. In the end, we have one less negro criminal and three white men who will spend the rest of their lives in prison.


Never ever did I ever consider myself a “racist.” However, by speaking to the truth and if white, you are now labeled as a “racist,” I will accept this title with pride and honor. I swore to protect the Constitution of the United States several times, the first when I enlisted in the United States Navy, and later each time, I took a job as a lawman or a Peace Officer. I took that oath seriously and still do. I will stand up and speak my mind when I see fit, and if you are offended, don’t read my writings.


America is under attack by Illegals, Criminal Negroes, and Muslims. Don’t believe it? Just sit back and watch and pay attention.



By John Nazarian
©Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
November 28, 2021
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